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Signs That Your Loved One Is Trying To Contact You From Beyond

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

When we lose our loved one, we usually face a lot of questions which we would like to know the answers of, and we typically get devastated.

While we pass through the process of grieving, a continually growing desire develops in us about speaking with that person once again.

Usually, when we grieve, we pass through a lot of things which our rational mind cannot explain. A lot of us will encounter supernatural or paranormal experiences, but usually, such encounters are seen as coincidences.

The hope will always be present in those people who go through the process of grieving, as they hope that the departed one will reach out to them.

For those of us that have ever asked ourselves and wondered if our departed loved one tries to reach us out, these are the seven ways which will tell us:


Having dreams about our loved ones is natural, and this mostly happens as a result of the constant lingering of our memories. We should consider this encounter as the attempt of our loved person actually to connect with us while we are asleep. In our dreams, that person will be surrounded by glowing light.

Random thoughts

This is another sign which tells us that our loved one is probably trying to connect with us. It is identified when our thoughts start shifting from activities or thought processes which we are apparently engaged into our loved one all of a sudden. We should then revel in this memory and entirely embrace this interaction.

Unusual occurrence

When we experience something like objects moving, and there is nobody around, our loved one is probably trying to reach us out. When we try to move this object to its initial position, and it starts moving again, we may be completely sure that a person from the other side works to get our attention.

Objects triggering memories

Frequently, objects may be our reminders which can take us back to particular places in time which we shared with our loved one. Encounters with objects are usually considered strange coincidences; however, we may think otherwise at the time they happen through certain objects which trigger our memories of our loved one.

Tingles or other sensations

When sometimes our skin hairs raise upwards, or we felt some breeze without wind, or we even have tingling feelings throughout our entire body, we were probably contacted by a person that has passed away. Scants may be another powerful reminder of departed ones.

Unexplained visions

There will be times when our loved one who passed away is going to try to contact us through visions. We can be frightened when we can see something others cannot. However, we should put fear and discomfort aside. Some people even heard voices which they actually recognized as those of the people they loved.

It simply happened

When we have more encounters which occur out of nowhere, it will be the sign that our loved one watches over us, and probably acts on our behalf.

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