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Understand That Change Is The Only Constant And Stop Being Afraid Of It. This Is How

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by Conscious Reminder

In recent times, social media was bombarded with the 10-year photo challenge. People were posting their pictures in order to show whether they have changed, or haven’t changed in their physical appearance in the last ten years.

Well, it looks like the primary purpose of this challenge was not to have changed a lot throughout those ten years.

Most of the time, we are led to think that changes are bad, changes are scary, or also that making changes is something that will shake up our world. “You have changed” are the words which ended a lot of relationships.

However, it will be time actually to change our way of seeing changes. Changes are not our enemy, but being afraid of changes and being stuck are our enemy. When we are afraid, we will be held back. But, changes will propel us forward.

Actually, fear is going to stop us in the tracks and impede us from even taking the needed steps to live the most fulfilled and beautiful life. It will be time to release that fear, and then embrace changes.

These are some of the ways in which we can conquer our fear of making changes and open ourselves to different and new possibilities and opportunities:

Break free from absolutes.

Wrong or right does not exist. There is just the opportunity to grow and learn. When something does not go as we wanted or expected, we should not consider it a failure. We should instead consider it an opportunity, so we can try once again.

We should start small.

We should not always make huge changes, or make them all of a sudden. Changes may occur in some small increments too. We should start small in order to one day finally reach our goal.

Plan it well. No need to rush.

Changes are not supposed to occur overnight. We should create our solid plan which will refer to the changes we would like to make in our life, and after that take our time in order to make them. Some things will need more time, so we should take it slow. 

Ask for help and support.

We should always be surrounded with some like-minded individuals that will support those changes. We will definitely reach our goals better if we have support. When those around us do not support our efforts, we can find others.

There’s nothing bad about accepting uncertainty.

Well, the single way of knowing the outcome of something would be by making the change. In fact, there is nothing else we can do to know the final result certainly. Life is better when it is lived changing and growing instead of being stuck. When something does not work as we planned, our Universe probably planned differently.

Let the Universe do its own thing.

Our Universe always has our back, so we should trust it. In fact, believing in our Universe will make our changes easier. We may sometimes not be where we wanted to, but we are going to end up right where we were supposed to.

Feel the change.

We should feel the idea about the change as something exciting. We can lose ourselves in the excitement and eagerness of possibilities and opportunities.

There’s no point in looking back.

When we decide to make a change, we should go for it 100%. We should not look back or also second-guess everything. Forward is your only direction. 

Work on your confidence.

We should not let our fear overwhelm us, although it may still be present in us. We should trust in the decision we are making.

Just let go and let God. 

We should dig deep in order to find out the main reason why we feel afraid to make changes. Any energy or feeling that is not serving us anymore has to be released. We should embrace changes, and be confident and brave. We should not let our fear stop us from living the purpose of our lives.

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