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S.N. Lazarev: Learn To Forgive

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by Conscious Reminder

To learn to forgive, actually means to accept God’s will. A man who goes against God is not capable of living. He or She doesn’t know how to be happy. A single cell cannot go against an organism. That’s why it’s important to understand that it all comes from God. If there is something bad in our lives, it must be a result of our imperfection.

I took some time and observed all the types of illnesses and accidents that people go through, and I noticed a pattern: lack of love. Illness and accidents limit our animalistic urges and direct us towards God. A sick man becomes a better man and dedicates a lot more time to spirituality.  It is in times of great ordeals and misfortune that people turn into true believers.

On average, the crew on a ship consists of 40% believers, 40% atheists and 20% undefined. However, when a storm hits, they all become believers. They all pray and ask God to save them. When the storm is over, they again become 40% believers, 40% atheists and 20% undefined.

Therefore, in order to forgive we need to feel God’s presence everywhere and in everything and understand that if we’re sick, or we are dealing with a lot of problems, that’s a direct result of our karma, our imperfection, and in the end, the lack of love we feel deep down in our souls.

So, learn to forgive and accept God’s will.

S.N. Lazarev

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