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Take A Look At The Evil Mind Of Narcissistic People And Their World Of Illusions

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Narcissistic people are everywhere around us.

For example, you are exercising near them in some park; you lead a conversation in the supermarket, you also worship together at the church, as well as give support to your children at the sports events for young people.

Narcissists give off qualities which you praise and dream of, such as confidence, funniness, and their inside capacity of knowing precisely what they have to declare in a certain situation.

These people seem to always be there in order to advice you and help you when you feel down, as well as to provide some words of faith when you are resolving wavers, and making you smile when, in fact, you take yourself too much seriously.

Simultaneously, these people can give you a knockdown in a way you never imagined can be possible.

The methods that narcissistic people have are deceptive; when they see that you are at your bottom, they offer you the support, as well as encouragement which you terribly need. They are helping you in easing your pain.

But, suddenly, all that changes. That same individual who went so far to give you a lift-up is the one that now only wants to take you down.

Also, the worst thing that you can do is to permit it to happen. Not just absolutely trusting them, but you also learned to utilize their understanding of you, is just the absolute test of your dignity.

Narcissists will give you common names, which you never used for yourself, even when you had your worst times, and you will let them do that.

You will also permit them to stand with you and tell you such terrible things in your face, as they made you believe in some way that they have a complete right about that.

Boundaries to the depth of these people’s cruelty or to their disrespectful tactics do not exist. Also, lying you is, in fact, not their number two nature, but it is the cognitive state they choose by default. These people are excellent liars, as they consider their lies true.

This complete disconnection from the truth permits them to speak about everything they want, and be proud when doing that.

When you ask them some questions, the thing of being suspicious about them will be returned to you as a psychic boomerang.

The thing that no one else has the ability to see behind the facade of such person compounds the sense of lack of hope. Narcissists cannot understand how someone can say rude things about the person that did everything for them.

Before everything, you are going to be attacked as you tried to smear the person that did everything in order to give you help when there was a real need of it.

If a bright side about letting such people in your life exists, it is certainly because of their self-confidence, as well as self-importance, which is an illusion of which they are aware.

Envy stands in the center of their behavior. Deep inside them, they are aware of the fact that they are broken, and do not have the ability to permit their weaknesses to go outside; hence, healing is almost impossible for them.

Instead of involving in self-caring, as well as developing personally, they choose to take the easier way, and they prey on other peoples’ insecurities, as well as exploit them for non-permanent gratification.

In fact, the solution will be to have on your mind that you are powerful enough and you can escape from narcissistic people. The question is: Will you permit yourself to go up and utilize the power you have?

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