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Angels & Entities: You Are More Protected Than You Think

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

We have all sometimes felt some reactions such as Goosebumps, glimpse-catching all of a sudden, and fast heartbeat, in a really unusual way.

These are actually widespread responses of our bodies, and feeling scared of a certain thing is the most common ground for us experiencing such reactions. However, we all want to discover the reasons standing behind this.

Entities and angels are best known for being messengers or guides of God, or also life forms and creatures. The angels are usually depicted to actually exist in certain human forms, having wings and wearing robes.

Even though we aren’t sure the way it looks like, we will have our personal ideas about how we perceive these creatures. The entities are life forms or beings that are probably presenting around everything that surrounds us.

We will probably sometimes wonder why we have goosebumps all of a sudden, or why we feel that our heartbeat races. In order to feed the curiosity of our mind, these are certain happenings in our lives which are probably connected to entities and angels:

  • We are catching glimpses of shadows or also something which passes like a figure in our peripheral vision;
  • We gain answers in the form of signs which we probably asked for our Universe;
  • Wounds or marks in our body, which we don’t know where they came from, will mysteriously appear; 
  • Experiencing astral projections of vivid visions from our dreams, and also seeing places that look like they are not present here, in our Universe;
  • When toddlers or pets come to us, and it looks like they see something behind us;
  • Entities that try to reach us out or also communicate with us while we sleep instead of while we are awake;
  • Feeling that something watches behind our back, or feeling that some kind of life form observes us;
  • We could stay that it’s a miracle; however, we lived and also survived a sickness or accidents which is actually supposed even to kill humans from such incidents;
  • We were hearing various noises such as buzzing in our ear that is usually identified as the DNA upgrading;
  • Others are fond of us even when we are mysterious in some way.
  • Our wounds heal for a really short time, not just like in other humans;
  • Consciously or unconsciously, we keep remembering that a creature visited us.
  • We feel like we found our soulmate and have a connection which we cannot describe, just like from incarnation or another dimension;
  • We usually find comfort in our relatives or family, but we feel that we are not connected to them.

Basically, these several things will be usually experienced at unexpected moments in our lives. There can also be a truth, which is untold from all these occurrences; however, we are not supposed to feel afraid of certain things.

In this Universe, which is full of various worlds, knows for sure that we, humans, are the single existing entities. Also, we live in a great diversity which is still about knowing exactly where we came from. We may never really know this; perhaps, we are part of these entities and angels too, who knows?

We have to remember that our lives are great journeys which are rich with excitement, and at the same time, full of various mysteries.

So, regardless of what we see or how we fee, we should think that we are not all the same, so not everyone is capable of doing that or also has its guts for feeling that. Entities and angels can be our guidance source for understanding our surroundings more profoundly.

We are powerful and strong in our own way, so when we experience certain types of happenings, we should make these moments extraordinary and rich.

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