Are Entities Hindering Your Healing Process

by Conscious Reminder

Do you know that entities can have a strong influence when it comes to keeping you far away from other people, experiences, or information which may enlighten and heal you?

Entities usually feed on your “negative” energy or emotions. They influence you to feel grief, anger, shame, guilt, and a lot of other emotions which will probably “drain you.” You will be really drained.

This, in fact, is definitely the energy which they want from you. They do not want you to go to healers, release old baggage, or seal old wounds. What they also don’t want you to do is not to shift energy and step into a much higher vibration which will leave them behind.

But, how can entities keep you away from such experiences?

Entities tend to play on people’s emotions and even trick them into turning away from a certain thing which may help these people. They are going to convince us that we do not need to clear when we feel congested.

They are going to convince us that we cannot afford ourselves the Reiki class which we really wanted to take, or they are going to distract us with drama, all that to keep us from hearing or understanding something which can actually change our lives.

How can we know that entities influence us?

When we feel that it is the right time for going to spiritual meetings, or also have energy work done, and we continuously forget or cannot focus as the things “continue happening” it will be an indication that certain influence is involved.

When we have positive feelings about something or when everything looks like it goes perfectly, a certain little thing will appear, and it will set us off or make us cancel it and end contracts, there is the chance that entities are working.

Every time we start to feel in a certain way, and when something unexpected and unexplainable changes those feelings, making us lose our potential knowledge or help, it will indicate that we were “diddled.” So, what can we do? Well, we should stay grounded, and also in the present, an in our bodies.

We have to put our heart chakra to 35% down and ensure we take the needed time to reevaluate everything before we make decisions. Our emotions are some form of energy.

And, the unconscious emotions, or all the unconscious energies, may be transformed by the alchemy of awareness in their opposite and positive values. For instance, fear may become love, hatred may become friendliness, anger may become compassion, and lust may become creativity.

Well, it will be identical energy, which is transformed through the process of understanding. When we can see and also understand the entire mechanism, it is automatically going to transform into energy which we may utilize consciously and positively in our life.

We should command all those entities to get out of our space and to wait outside of it. When everything calms down, we need to have the ability to make our decisions without being influenced by entities, which may cause us to lose our opportunities which are in our Highest Good.

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