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Subtle Communication: 3 Ways You And Your Soul Connect

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Did you know that your Soul communicates with you?

Yes, it does.

In this modern world, we are so worried about our material possessions. We are so absorbed by our life decisions and our hectic schedules that we totally forget to sit down and talk to our souls.

And this is certainly bad for us!

Because, the Soul really wants to talk to us and guide us and teach us lessons so that we can become better people. Some of us don’t even know the ways using which our Soul tries to communicate with us.

Here are three ways which our Soul tries to make a connection with us in order to inspire and impact us in order to enrich our lives:

1. Your Soul speaks through curiosity:

If you are becoming curious, your Soul is trying to communicate with you. This happens because the Soul is asking all those questions that you are asking from the World. These questions and their answers are going to help you lead a better life and this is why the Soul is forcing you to ask those questions from the world around you. Being curious also shows that the soul wants you to understand the different perceptions and facets of this world as looking at the world from different angles will help you live a better life. You have to understand that there are two sides to every story and you should not settle with the side that is easily visible to you. Be curious, your Soul wants you to be so.

2. Your Soul speaks through gut feeling and intuition:

When you feel that you have a strong gut feeling or intuition about something around you, be sure that you Soul is guiding you. Your Soul is trying to make you more aware about the dangers that lie in your way and make you more cognizant of the fact that you need to be more conscious about yourself. So, when you experience a strong gut feeling about something, don’t just ignore it and let it go. Focus on it and follow it because your Soul is trying to tell you something that you may not know about.

3. Your Soul speaks to you via dreams:

If you are having vivid dreams about the events that are going to happen to you or have happened to you already, your Soul is trying to talk to you. Maybe your Soul is speaking to you through your dreams in order to tell you about something in greater detail. Most of us just don’t focus on our dreams and deny a way that our Soul chooses to talk to us. Don’t do that. Try to understand and evaluate your dreams. You might learn something that you need to know in order to lead a happy life.

All that you need to remember is that your SOUL is your friend. It wants to add some positive value to your life and it does so through various means.

You have to allow your Soul to guide you otherwise you might miss the things that your Soul is trying to teach you.

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