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Libra Giant Equinox Supermoon: Get Ready For A Huge Energy Shift

by consciousreminder

by Conscious Reminder

There have been a lot of energy exchanges taking place this year. Planets have been shifting and making powerful alignments and we can feel all of their energy coming our way.

20th March brings such a massive energy surge – so make sure that you have strapped on your seatbelts. The Libra Full moon will be occurring on that date, but that’s not all.

The Full Moon is coinciding with the Equinox – so, it is going to be a sight to watch in the night sky. And there will be loads of energy coming our way too.

The Libra Supermoon during the March Equinox is a rare occurrence. When there is a supermoon, the moon comes close to the earth and sends her energy down to us.

The moon generally goes through two phases – either the New Moon phase in which it is dark and invisible, or the full moon phase in which it is completely brightened up.

Generally, when it is in the Supermoon state, then the moon appears bright and quite close to us. But during the Equinox, there’s an extra touch added to it.

Get ready to have your emotions on the twister during this Supermoon. The Sun is about to change sign too, and move into Aries, but we are still feeling the influence of the Piscean energy. There will be a competition between the Piscean energy of this year which is sensitive and dreamy and the rational and judicious nature of Libra. This will make all different kinds of energy to come in contact with you and so, you have to choose to either embrace it and grow, or fight it.

If you welcome the energy, you will get some of the positive aspects of the Libra Supermoon.

Libra will make your think more about your goals, help your revaluate them and then, guide you so that you know how you can achieve it.

You know that you have to do some minor adjustments to get to your goal and that’s exactly what Libra will provide. The practical side of Libra will empower you to make the right choices, if you have felt at the loss for a long time.

You have to remember to stay grounded. You should not be complacent or entitled to something. That would lead to your fall. Rather, stay present and don’t let ego drive you. If you stay grounded, then things will make a lot more sense. You can use it better for achieving your goals.

As we move up to 20th March, you will start to realise some changes taking place within you, on an emotional level. Full moons are known to get your emotions worked up, and this Supermoon will add a bit more craziness to it. But if you stay grounded, then you will be able to realize which emotion is getting out of hand and take care of it.

During this period, you should not let emotions get the better of you and end up ruining your relationships. Rather, you should go out and take a step towards making peace with the important people you have broken up with – your family or friends.

The relationship between a parent and a child will be the highlight during this period so you have to honor the relationship and do your part to strengthen it. When we are in the process of mental and spiritual growth, we need the comfort and support of our close friends and family.

The Libra Supermoon also bring you back home. You would crave for security and nothing could be more secure than your own home. So, get on your couch, spread a blanket on your legs and start binging a Netflix show? Let go of any stress.

Due to the emotional nature of this full Moon, you will feel that toxic people are trying to use you. It’s a sensitive period. Try to get away from toxic people during this time.

You will see their true colors and so, be observant and distance yourself from them. They are not worth your time and they do not bring any kind of value in your life. Do not let them take advantage of you. Be brave, break off and move forward.

The Libra Supermoon energy will be a positive one but you have to let it come to you. Get ready for change and become emotionally secure. This period is set for you to grow.

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Kathy Smith March 18, 2019 - 8:16 am

How can the sun be in Pisces if the full moon is in Libra? It should be in Aries. I’m Libra born and confused…

A March 21, 2019 - 4:47 am

The Sun is about to change sign too, and move into Aries, but we are still feeling the influence of the Piscean energy.


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