Taming A Dragon: How The Legendary Creature Can Enrich Dreams & Reduce Aggression

by Linda Tint,
Contributing Author, Conscious Reminder

Dragons are fierce and revengeful enemies, but they also can be protectors and effective help for humanity. Unlike pets, dragons cannot be a human friend – they either attack or obey to your will.

Dragons are very different from another ancient human protector – cats, who can be emotionally ignorant. Dragons never ignore, be it good or bad for you, and here is a guide on how to make them yours.

Dragons are magical creatures, rare and unavailable for common vision. Their physical presence disappeared ages ago, however the spirit of dragons still didn’t dissolve completely. You can sense it if you try to be creative, focused and careful.

Dragons live in empty spaces, preferring natural landscapes and deserted parts of town. You cannot really pet them or take home, however it’s possible to make a contact and visit the dragon sometimes, in a forest or in mountains where you found it.

It’s possible to make the dragon your sensual guide, which means that dragon can take you for a flight in non-physical reality. Dragons allow our minds to travel in a sleep and at sensitive stage of falling asleep.

Dragons have ability to enter the ancient times of the forgotten world. Flying with them is similar to tripping under the LSD and with help of meditation, however it doesn’t have an impact on human health and doesn’t require so much of breath work.

All you need to tame a dragon is your imagination and moral strength. Think about this ancient creature as if you saw it physically and focus on your contact with him.

After research into mythology, you can find out that dragons used to be a symbol of power and good luck in East Asia. Realizing what makes you lucky and powerful in life would allow you to make connection with a dragon, because dragons obey only to those who are morally strong.

In case of emotions, dragons are dumb as horses – if they feel your hesitation in life, they take it as danger and may attack. So be brave, focus on your strength – be it your sense of humor, courage or kindness – and look into the green depth of dragon eyes.

Next time you fall asleep try to focus on the phase of dreaming when you are already falling asleep and lose control on your body, but yet realize that you are in your room.

Then reminiscent the dragon eyes. The dragon may take you into the flight at that moment, and the dreams would be beautiful and full of healing visions of ancient historical eras.

Dragons can be help when you try to cope with active negative emotions, such as anger, jealousy or other form of aggression.

If in that state you visit your dragon on a deserted beach or in a snowy field where you found it, close your eyes and make the dragon realize your presence.

The dragon, angry and jealous creature by its nature, will take your negative energy and transform it into the fire which is warming but doesn’t hurt.

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