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This Is How To Recognize If You Are Receiving Divine Guidance & Protection

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Every person in the world is intuitive or is able to establish communication with the Divine. However, this does not depend on worshiping some spirit form or doing something they are not comfortable with; in fact, the meaning of free will is that it is their choice.

Intuition is actually the mechanism that helps us receive divine counsel and guidance. It is simply a sense, and we can easily develop it if we practice or have faith. There are people who have this sense as their natural gift, and they are said to be psychic or intuitive.

There are a lot of ways of determining when we receive divine guidance intuitively. The guidance usually comes in the form of gut feelings and thoughts; however, there are some other ways in which spirits will get out attention which is entirely unique to us.

Here are the five ways which will help us recognize the divine guidance:

Divine guidance cannot be negative or harmful.

The angels are the beings that are made of pure light and love, so negativity is not present in their personal realm. This means that any guidance which these God’s messengers will give us cannot be negative or harmful.

Divine guidance will encourage positive changes for our highest good. This can sometimes include distancing ourselves from particular relationships or situations which cause us stress; however, this happens when we are constantly dragged down. Divine guidance will uplift us and give us hope.

We can feel divine guidance.

The chakra known as Solar Plexus, which is located a few fingers length above our belly button, is quite sensitive to intuitive guidance and energy. Those “gut feelings” we have about situations, people, or decisions are quite real; in fact, it is the spirit communicating with us through the sensations in our Solar Plexus.

We have to pay more attention to this particular chakra. When we feel nausea or tension, it may be a sign of something wrong happening with us. When we feel “butterflies” or excitement, we are on the appropriate path.

Divine guidance will feel really good.

Even when we are not able to explain why we will know what the best thing for us is. The divine guidance will send us in the appropriate direction, always. Although that direction may right now be senseless, it will feel right over time; it will feel good.

We probably have certain doubts, but following our Divine guidance will make us peaceful and happy. Even when we cannot follow it sometimes, just knowing that we are open for guidance will bring contentment.

Divine guidance will give us signs.

Spirits love when they send us signs in order to be supportive. For example, we have a specific idea on mind, and all of a sudden we encounter with the same topic in different ways.

This will be a sign of Divine guidance, telling us that our idea is for our highest good. Such things constantly happen, so becoming more conscious of the signs will be fun and helpful for us.

Divine guidance will always be present.

Yes, it does not know about times; it will always be present. While we pray and ask for the support and counsel of God when we have a problem will be an excellent idea, it will not be the only time when our spirit guides us.

Developing our intuitive senses will allow us to collect such messages on a regular basis. Asking for higher awareness or help will be the best way of gaining consciousness of Divine guidance.

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