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Inner Work: With Or Without Your Twin Flame?

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Do you think it will affect you greatly if you completely abandoned the idea of physical union with your your twin flame and concentrated solely on your personal growth and development?

The process of spiritual growth is going to occur anyway, with or without you starting a 3D relationship with your Twin Flame. 

One thing should be made very clear. What happens in the 3D world by no means influences or conditions the soul connection you are sharing. The reunion is inevitable, but it doesn’t mean it will happen now, or this life. 

The other thing you should understand is that you are both working on your selves at the same time, but it doesn’t mean you need work in the same areas. In most cases, Twin Flames have completely different issues and problems they need to work on.

Maybe you need to do some ‘inner work’; grow spiritually and increase your awareness. On the other hand your TF might need to concentrate on 3D matters. There is even a chance you are spiritually more advanced, and they still haven’t awaken, so they need to catch up.

However, you might have done all that inner work, but what if you need to address your earthly challenges. Are you falling behind?

We have to let these people do everything they want with their life at the moment, instead of being caught up on everything that happens or doesn’t happen on an individual level, which can be physical or metaphysical. 

It’s all about balancing things out. Twin Flames who have actually experienced physical reunion know that, being apart is hard, but being together can be even harder, as you are facing not just your own problems, but you are experiencing your TF’s problems as yours, as you are deeply connected. 

That’s why working on your self’ working on your growth is CRUCIAL. Most of this work is done individually. The more you have done, the bigger the chances of a physical reunion, as it (physical reunion) has never been the primary goal of the TF journey.

To have the chance actually to be in the physical union, we have to be as balanced in our physical life just as much we are emotionally, spiritually and mentally balanced. 

We can never have it all together or perfect, but we need to do our best in order to get everything we can get, and while we do that, our vibration and energy will change.

However, when we really feel that it is never going to happen, then so be it. Also, this speaks loads of us and our own doubts in this process, or doubts in our twin flame, ourselves and even doubt that we can achieve everything we want.

But if your TF or TF journey is putting all these doubts in your head, maybe something isn’t quite right. Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at will change. 

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