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The Best Advice For The Zodiac Signs As The February New Moon Takes A Full Swing

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by Conscious Reminder

The Aquarius New Moon is almost here, and together with it, you have to educate yourself on what is about to come. Although the energies of New Moons are generally renewing, and usually bring great motivation with them, the more you know, the better.

This New Moon is going to happen in the sign of Aquarius, on February the 4th. The New Moon is probably going to be the one which has the most significant powers from all the New Moons during 2019, and it is going to offer you optimism you were lacking during January.

Check your Zodiac sign below and learn what the New Moon holds for you, or the advice you could have to take:


For those people born under the sign of Aries, the New Moon will bring them to the point in their life in which they will consider generosity really significant. During this period, they need to work in order to benefit other people’s lives, especially the one they care the most about. They should spend time with those they love and permit them to share the burdens they have with them. However, they should know their limits.


The New Moon period is going to offer these people in Taurus something which they cannot refuse. They will have their entire world turned head over heels. Although manifesting was not the strongest point in their past, they look like they figured certain things out in recent times. They should also be prepared to take certain risks because more is about to come than they could imagine, so they have to be prepared for it.


Those people who are born under Gemini should spend time putting themselves out there, but more than ever, as the New Moon will inspire them to do something they usually don’t do. They are outgoing now, but they were a bit lost recently. This will be the right time to work towards finding themselves.


Those who have this sign should not let others control them, as this is their life and they have to be those that live it. Also, it is sure that they should not expect changes heading on their way, but they have to look themselves for them. It is also essential to keep an optimistic mindset and cut off the ones that waste their time. Also, they have to plan their future and not wait around for others to help them do it.


February will allow Leo people the chance to expand their knowledge very seriously. They have to try to be more understanding when it comes to situations which appear in front of them. Although they may not plan to travel at the moment, a trip may be right what they need.


The people in Virgo will be pushed toward hard-working because the New Moon is about to come. Without any doubt, they will have to put their mind on something they do and also make sure they will be able to get those things done. Everything they were working on is going to pay off now.


The New Moon which comes will force the people born under the sign of Libra to look back on certain things they were doing in the last several months. Although they are often driven and quite productive, they are completely the opposite lately. Right now, they feel like the entire world is actually against them, but it is not.


At the time of the New Moon in the air sign, people born under Scorpio will come closest to their darker side. They have to allow their inside darkness to surface. For a long time, they allowed other people to walk over them. Now, it will be the time to get everything they deserve.


People with this sign have to stick around and not to run. They might not remain in their current relationship, but there are still some duties they need to fulfill. The New Moon will remind them of everything that really matters for them, so keeping that on their heart will allow everything to be finished just like it has to.


For Capricorns, the New Moon will probably be enough for getting them up and out there. They will work towards the things they love instead of being lost or unaware of the place they have to be now. They have to spend their time wisely.


The New Moon will provide the people born under Aquarius with a perfect chance for changing the space they call home. They have to use their imagination in order to be the best in everything in front of them, as they are actually more than able.


These people in this sign of Pisces will notice some serious changes in their finances. As this New Moon is coming forth them, they can find themselves with more or less money. They need to be humble during this period and work harder in order to spend the dollars wisely. Wasting all at once is definitely not recommended. They have to save.

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