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You May Not Be Able To See It Now, But Pain Will Teach You Some Important Lessons

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Throughout our journey, we come across many happy and bitter experiences in life. But with each experience comes certain lessons. The more painful the experience, the more beautiful the lesson and the growth.

Life is fair in the sense it is unfair to all equally. The most important lessons come to us from the most hostile situations. We are forced to experience the pain and harshness of reality.

We are put in the middle of the road and expected to brave the worst of storms. But would any lesson be worth it even, if we didn’t learn it in such situations?

Yes, we could be happily enjoying our time at home when a certain realization dawns upon us and we understand that this is yet another life lesson. But would that be nearly as memorable as the ones we learn facing all odds?

Only when we emerge victorious from the worst of battles do we learn the character-defining lessons. You thought you wouldn’t make it.

You thought it was too much and you would give in this time. But still, you held on. You pushed yourself, you persevered.

Maybe the walls were caving in, maybe you felt you were on the edge of the earth, maybe your emotions were wracking havoc inside. In the end, it is this madness of pain that makes us stronger each time.

We are not just talking about physical pain. Yes, the first time you cut your finger using that knife your mom told you not to touch. Sure, that was a lesson too. But as we grow, it’s the emotional pain through which we grow the most.

Emotional pain can be caused by both your internal feelings and by those around you. Physical pain can be more intense for a short period of time but emotional pain endures.

It stays on until we have learned the lesson meant from it. The pain never really goes away, we just learn to channelize it into more positive energy.

Our expression of this pain could be sulking and hurting our own self or we could make the choice to learn the lesson and grow stronger and better.

With each such incident, ask yourself what did you learn and did that result in any growth? When you find the answer, the lesson has been learned.

This lesson along with the many others will guide you in your future endeavors. It may not be tomorrow, may not be next month. But one day you will realize its importance.

No matter how painful life might be for you now, remember that at the end of the pain awaits growth. Grow through your pain and reach your true potential!

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