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12 Simple Zen Rules That Will Literally Transform Your Life

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by Conscious Reminder

For a lot of reasons, Zen Buddhism represents quite an interesting thing. Regardless of your religious beliefs, it is a thing through which you may still gain the chance to grow.

Zen Buddhism values meditation, while Buddhists focus on intuition, more than a lot of people do. Zen is, in fact, something which every one of us should experience at a certain point in life.

Here are the twelve Zen rules which are literally going to change our lives:

We should not rush things but always take our time.

Every good thing in life takes time. We have to do our best in every single thing we do. When we rush, we are definitely going to make more mistakes.

Everything has its place and time.

We should permit our life to work on what will be. Every single thing which was supposed to occur is going to occur when we are prepared. We should not force some things to occur.

We have to always be in the moment.

We aren’t promised tomorrow. That’s why we should live in the moment and enjoy every second like it is our last. We should do everything we know we are going to regret as we didn’t do before.

We don’t have anything without humility.

We all need to be humble. We should not permit our pride and also our ego’s power to overshadow the ability we have when it comes to doing good in the world. We should give back if someone gives to us.

We should not do good things for rewards.

We should do something because we want to do them, and to help other people or be there when they need us. When we do more, we will feel better. If we don’t do good or help others, we are going to be the loneliest individual in this world.

To find some peace, we should stop overthinking.

Although overthinking is a thing which every one of us does, shying away from it would bring us peace in great amounts. Our mind is the scary place, so permitting it to wander constantly will be a bad idea.

We should get the needed sleep.

We have to remember that our body is something really important. Not nourishing them in the proper way is going to cause us more pain. We should take appropriate care of ourselves and get the needed sleep.

We always have to think right before we act.

We should never do anything without first thinking about it. We are never supposed to act without reviewing every consequence in our head. We should think about what our actions are going to cause.

We should be mindful of everything we put in the world.

Everything that we say really matters, so once we say something, we cannot take it back. We should not speak for the sake of speaking, because every word we say can hurt more than we can imagine.

Practice meditation every day.

Our soul needs meditation. We are not supposed to skip even a day. We should do everything in order to meditate more often than possible. This is going to help us clear our mind, or promote peace.

We should never regret our past.

Our past doesn’t define us, but it actually shows how stronger we are now. We should not regret anything which we can’t change. We should keep moving and become better people, as we are able of a lot more.

We should always treat others with compassion.

Everyone around us deserves to treat him or her with compassion. We should not look down on anything or anyone, as we can never know his or her situation. Life sometimes throws a lot of curve balls.

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