6 Signs That Suggest You Have Traits Similar To An Earth Angel

Earth Angles are people who are on this planet to spread happiness and positivity. That is their aim.

They are unable to live in a world of hate, violence, discrimination, and difference and hence they wish to make the world a better place to live in with their kindness and benevolence.

They aren’t able to even fit in this world yet they try their best to make sure that they change the world in some way or the other. Here are 6 signs of Earth Angels:

1. They’re Highly Sensitive:

They are affected by small things easily but these things are not small. The thing is that in the modern world we treat violence, oppression, and discrimination as small things and don’t even consider them as real problems. But this is not true for these earth angels. They are highly sensitive to these problems in the world.

2. They Need Me Time:

They have to spend time with themselves alone. This is because they are so affected by the things around them that if they don’t spend time alone they won’t be able to regenerate their lost strength and make a difference in the world around them.

3. Part Empaths:

They are also very empathetic by their very nature. They care for the people around them and are deeply involved in the betterment of everyone. Thus, they spend their time listening to people around them and solving their problems as well.

4. They Trust Their Inner Voice:

Sometimes, they trust their intuition or their inner voice even more than they trust their rationality. But who are we to question them! This is how they work.

5. They Have A Life Calling:

They are driven by some higher purpose in their life. This is their soul’s purpose and is not limited to an occupation or a job. They believe that they are here on Earth to fulfill a higher purpose and thus they work towards it.

6. They Live Alternative Lifestyles:

Because they are so different, sometimes they have alternative lifestyles. They may stay off the radar or live very, very differently from other people.

They may stay off the radar or live very, very differently from other people.

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