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9 Telling Signs You’re An Intuitive Empath Sensitive To Energy

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by Conscious Reminder

Empathic individuals are those that are sensitive to energies coming from people around them, as they absorb and feel their emotions or even the physical manifestation of such energies.

Usually, this isn’t an aware attempt; it is an unaware act which may be hard to recognize or understand.

Empaths usually get overwhelmed, particularly before they became conscious of their experiences. This is going to lead to depression, chronic fatigue, and panic attacks, or even to addictions when they try to self-medicate with sex, food, drugs or alcohol.

This is important for empaths when it comes to identifying their gifts. When they are able to identify them, they will learn some techniques, in order to center their own selves.

Here are the nine signs that we possess specific empathic abilities:

1. We usually know how something is going to work out before it happens.

For instance, when we are faced with some situation, we usually know what is going to happen or how it will all work out right before anything happens. We instinctually know if it is going to be successful or not. 

2. We easily make a connection with others.

While a lot of people find it hard to make a connection with other people, particularly strangers, we find it unbelievably easy to do that. We are usually drawn to positive individuals that we encounter. However, we can also sense when a person is negative.

3. We will know when someone lies to us.

While other people just hear what someone speaks, we also have the ability to sense underlying energies which stand behind his or her message. Because of this, we have the ability to understand what the motivation behind his or her words was, so we can detect when someone lies to us quite easily.

4. We usually consider relationships overwhelming.

We can easily get overwhelmed by relationships in our life, which include romantic relationships or friendships. This happens because we immediately experience a more profound connection of our energies or we start feeling afraid when it comes to losing our own identity.

5. We usually have precognitive dreams.

The precognitive dreams were said to be specific and detailed dreams which come true. They give us the ability to look into our future in details which are difficult to explain.

6. We are high achievers.

While a lot of people around us are constantly struggling, when it comes to working towards their dreams and goals, our connection with universal energies is going to allow us to achieve such things quite easy in comparison.

7. Even the quietest room is noisy.

Because of the fact that we automatically sense or connect with other people’s energies, we could sit in a specific room in which no one says a word, an be surrounded with silence, but still, feel like we are in an area which is bustling and loud.

8. Our gut is regularly warning us about our bad situations.

For instance, when we walk into a specific situation, we will instinctually know is not a good one, although we cannot necessarily say why. Those that are empaths have the ability to pick up negative energies which surround bad situations, alerting them about the energies a long time before they have the ability to assess what actually happens entirely.

9. We usually find ourselves exhausted when in large groups.

Establishing a connection, or feeling the emotions and energies of the other people around us may be exhausting, particularly in some larger people groups. After we spend time out, we are going to ding that we require our alone time in order to rest or recoup. This does not mean that we are not social.

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