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How To Recognize If Your Child Has Magical Powers

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by Conscious Reminder

Bringing up even just one kid is hard. As a parent, you need to give up things for your child, be attentive at all time and spend much of your energy on them.

This only gets harder if the child has been blessed with spiritual abilities. Parents of such children need to ready themselves for the experience. Keep reading to find out whether your child has magic in them.

8 indicators of magic in your child:

1. They have intense dreams

The land of dreams is an extraordinary place. Enlightened people especially will have fascinating tales to tell about their time there. A child possessing inherent magic will also be a dream walker. Keep track of your child’s vivid dreams and look for the patterns in them.

2. They try to heal by instinct

By allowing their magic to flow to another being, children with magic can heal almost instinctively. They generally do so by touching the injured creature. They’ll put their hands on everything from a plant that is not doing well to a wounded person to even inanimate objects that have been broken and it is a sign of enlightenment.

3. They have friends no one else can see

Invisible entities are everywhere but very few have the ability to see them. A high degree of sensitivity is required to sense them. Kids with magic can connect to the spirits who are willing to interact with them. Since this is a very complicated concept to explain, children usually term them friends.

4. They communicate with nature

All plants have lift just like humans do and they are connected to their surroundings through links that we cannot feel. But a child with magical abilities can sense these connections as well and so they are quick to offer their own affection to the plants around them by talking to them and hugging them.

5. Animals are comfortable around them

Most animals are able to sense the invisible aura around each person. Instinctively, they know whom to trust and whom to avoid. A magical child will attract animals and birds to them because the creatures know that the child offers safety, comfort and healing. All across the world such children are seen as blessings to the clan. Their powers are taken as a sign of their strong leadership abilities in the days to come.

6. They know runes and symbols

Without being taught, magical children will inherently be aware of certain symbols and runes which contain magic. Even wisdom that many think has been lost can be born again in the form of these children. They’ll begin by drawing symbols like the pentagram and the celtic cross or painting pyramids and obelisks. Experimenting with these gives them a good sense of the magical energy contained within them. They will also draw these symbols for safety if they feel threatened.

7. They like learning about myths and religion

Many religions of the olden times were around for thousands of years. They had a deep connection to nature and were well versed in witchcrafts. The vows made by the holy men and women of yore were so powerful that they echo across generations and their souls are reborn time and again. A magical child could be a reincarnation of an enlightened person from another time.

8. They have markings on their bodies

Also known as witch marks, these are unusual marks and signs on a person’s form. These are symbols of magic from a previous life and they come in many different shapes and colours ranging from a pattern of moles to scars to coloured spots.

If these points fit your child, do not fail them. It is now up to you to help them become stronger and more skilled. Lead them to enlightenment.

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