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3 Important Steps To Follow Before Trying Intuitive Guidance

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by Conscious Reminder

The primary step to connect ourselves with our intuition will be embracing that we are intuitive.

In fact, intuition was said to be an energetic connection to the source information, which is delivered through our bodies. The work we have with our intuition is translating and trusting it.

However, intuition is not designed actually to prove something but to share specific information. It is rooted in the trust relationship between souls and channeled information which should be translated.

For instance, when we decide to develop our muscles, they are going to respond in a way that they will grow in strength.

Our intuition is working in a quite similar way. Intuition forms part of the unseen and unknown energetic database, and its strength develops with using it.

Our sensitivity is the one which helps us in translating the intuitive information.

Here, we are going to present the three key steps which we should all take before we seek intuitive guidance:

Create your White Space and Protection.

First, we should close our eyes and visualize how our hand swipes right, and pushes the chatter of our mind away, while promotes it as the gate’s guardian: judgment calls or patterned thinking are not allowed.

We should ask for a sacred container of white space, with our intention that any intuitive image, sensation, feeling or word filtered throughout our body lands there.

When we tap in our intuition, it would be a sensory experience. A little logic is associated with it, so with assigning the essence of our mind with a job which serves our own intention, our soul may discern and then interpret more clearly.

Get ready to receive.

First of all, we should notice where the roots of our inquiry are. Having the ability to receive or desiring to receive is two different energies. The question actually means, ‘Can we accept what we get over what we want?’

In order to receive things with clarity, we should remain curious and open, it is crucial. We actually turn the logistics of deciding over to the essence of our mind as we know that she is going to show us every advantage and disadvantage and offer us ways of satisfying the status quo so that we can also avoid unneeded upheaval and make mistakes on our way.

However, when we ask the spiritual team to assist us, the one comprised of God, our angels, our guides, and our Universe, by simply consulting the essence of our soul to do the intuitive translation too, we will simply show that we actually are in the spiritual power position.

Such a delicate trust relationship is the one which permits the truth to actually land as resonant, particularly if it is specific information which we want to avoid receiving.

However, the things which truly resonate on the level of our soul can’t be denied as they are the inner exchanges of energies with no worldly and outward interference.

Focus On Different Areas One By One.

Intuitive information will best serve the present and the next steps which we will take. It is our tool meant for alerting and guiding us.

For example, we can ask ourselves if the opportunity or job is a good thing for us at the moment.

If every one of us planned his or her life by knowing their future outcomes, they would definitely miss out the businesses, experiences, losses, wins, personal growth, challenges, relationships, and even memories which grow them forward.

For example, when we never take a chance, it would mean that we are going to miss valuable chances which we are actually expected to experience one day in this life. The adding of ‘right now’ to our inquiry actually matters to the quality of our result.

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