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It’s Absolutely Fine To Lose Friends As You Grow Older And This Is Why

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by Conscious Reminder

Losing a friend can be a huge thing for some people. We have all noticed how our friend circle gets smaller sometimes.

We should not worry about this at all. We have to realize that it is probably something good.

As we are getting older, staying in connection with friends that do not “get” us and who do not share the same interests with us becomes more common, and we decide to spend time with the ones that we have actual connections with instead.

Genuine and loyal friends are hard to find, and with the time, we will learn how to recognize those that should be and those that should not be in our life.               

Here, we will talk about several things we may experience as we are getting older and our views about friendship change. These things will help us comprehend that the process of eliminating friendship is completely normal and natural.          

1. You only roll with trustworthy and sincere people now.

Just as we are growing wiser and older, we will stop ignoring incompatibilities and faults with those in our life, and we will start losing patience for false and insincere friends.

We are also going to learn that the saying “Quality over quantity” can also be applied to friendship.           

We would like to have a sincere and genuine conversation with good friends instead of talking with people who are superficial.                 

2. You don’t have enough time.

Lack of time and responsibility come with age, and socializing will also take the back seat. In fact, when this occurs, we will start valuing our free time. We will even realize that it will not be a good option to waste our time on friends whom we don’t enjoy being in company with.

It will be far more rewarding and important to spend our limited time with those who matter and who we actually like.

3. Your significant relationships have grown stronger.

Those friends that were with us around bad times, and not just the good ones, seem to stay with us in our life. In fact, as we are getting older, those “fare weather friends” will start disappearing.

The deeper connections and bonds hold, so we will quit looking for something more because we are going to see our true friends, and who they are. And, the bonds will then get stronger.

4. Your experiences have grown significantly .

Sometimes, every one of us needs a friend that will provide us with support, and as we are growing older, we are going to see the real ones on whom we can rely.

Moreover, this is going to help us see who is the friend worth keeping, or who is not, and there is a possibility that our list of those we can rely on is not quite a long one.

In fact, learning the true value of the interpersonal relations will be a lesson in our lives which only experience may give us.

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