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Tonight’s Pink Super Full Moon Urges Us To Break Free

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by Conscious Reminder

Every person usually has a routine to follow in their life. At times there is a strong desire to break free from it and try new things.

The good news is that this Full Moon is the perfect opportunity to let loose. The 1st Supermoon is scheduled on 26th April, Monday, and it is also officially the Pink Moon. It will take place in Scorpio that will certainly make it extremely intense.

This powerful Full Moon is bound to unleash strong emotional turbulences and unexpected revelations. So, keep reading to find out the impact on your zodiac sign.

Repercussions Of Pink Supermoon In Scorpio

The moon is known to move in various phases according to astrology. Full Moons usually appear rather similar to a large, brightly glowing ball that seems to be hanging in the night sky. Even though Supermoon looks glorious, they are fraught with deep and significant meanings.

This specific Full Moon is also a Pink Moon. This is mainly owing to the reason that historically emerged during the early springtime. It is named after a pink-colored wildflower called Creeping Phlox, which blooms in Northern America. Unfortunately, the moon does not turn pink at night, unlike popular belief.

In addition, the Full Moon is a Supermoon. In astronomical terms, it signifies a larger and brighter Full Moon as compared to any normal full moon. According to astrology, Supermoon is acutely more potent than usual. Either way, the 1st Supermoon of the year will usher important disclosures and draw out inner secrets.

Impact Of Full Pink Supermoon On Zodiac Signs

Scorpio energy will undoubtedly make this period intense. Moreover, the numerous strong cosmic alignments have added impact on the zodiac signs. Firstly, the configuration of Uranus will add surprising elements during this phase.

Most people will feel a strong urge to take a day off from work and spend lazing in bed, online shopping, and spending time with themselves. This lunation calls for some quality me-time and prioritizing yourself over other things.

Your communication skills will increase manifold. You might reconnect with a friend by spending time together and sharing deep thoughts. On the other hand, this Scorpio Full Moon will make you feel good about yourself. So spend some good time with your significant other and get yourself comfortable.

Donna Page, certified astrologer at Atlanta, has informed that both Taurus and Scorpio will feel the full blow of this Pink Supermoon.

Future Prospects Under Full Pink Supermoon

It is an established fact that this Pink Scorpio Supermoon is going to break the routine of everyday life. This interval from daily patterns will be a positive thing for all the zodiac signs. Most people will feel mixed emotions and this will result in a habit. For instance, someone with two left feet might join a dancing class. Or, a traditional person might buy colorful clothes for a change.

Even though we all feel like indulging in cheesy reality shows once in a while, this lunation will give rise to a need for deeper conversations. Honest discussions with people close to you will definitely establish stronger relationships.

So be prepared to gravitate towards special people with whom you can have intense, fulfilling, and heartfelt conversations. Eventually, you can achieve a closer connection with your partner by means of sexual intimacy. This will help in reigniting the passion that is fading from your relationship. This will certainly have a good long-term effect on your future.

Forthcoming Full Moon

The forthcoming full moon has been scheduled for 24th June. It will occur in Sagittarius.

Trust your intuition and follow the way it points towards during this lunation. Remember to enjoy yourself and ride the tide.

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