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These Zodiac Signs Shouldn’t Expect To Meet Their Forever Love This Summer

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For those expecting a fling this summer, we can’t blame you for it. The weather, the buzzing nights, the sunsets, this entire season would be perfect for hitching your heart or legs to someone for a short period of time.

These zodiac signs are Leo, Pisces and Libra. But there are three zodiac signs who wouldn’t be able to experience that.

It is not that these zodiacs aren’t capable of love, but that these zodiacs believe a bit too deeply in it.

This means that they are reluctant from getting into a relationship that might not grow into something meaningful. And that would be potentially self-destructive.

Also, they also have a lot on their plate right now, so FWBs or a hookup isn’t on the top of their list.


Cancer might be symbolized by a crab, but they are extremely soft hearted, and believe in love too much. If you want a quickie, or want to hook up with them, they would be breaking you in half.

But you can text them if you are in love with them, for they don’t take matters of the heart lightly. So, tread carefully, and if you want some cute dates along the way. Text ASAP.


They have got something really mysterious in store for us all. They always believe in hooking up and dubs it better than a relationship. But they also don’t really want to get hitched this month.

Even though they believe that relationships would ground them to the earth, they still have much better things to do- artistically, creatively and physically.

Yet, they have a lot of stories and adventures in store, despite wanting something serious for once.


You will never find them in a fling for that is boring and meaningless for them. Also, it would divert them away from their own goal- busting out at the gym, or glowing recommendations at the internship.

They are focused, driven and incredibly passionate at everything. Just like Cancer, they desire someone in for the long term, or like Sagittarius, not caring about trivialities for there is something more important out there.

But you may have a chance of hooking up with them, a slim chance. That is if you are capable of handling study preps as foreplay.

Don’t feel bad for them for they are living life the way they want. Just believe in yourself – next year could be amazing.

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