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Five Signs That A Big Change Will Happen Soon Enough

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Things are always springing on us like pleasant or unpleasant surprises. There is never a fool-proof way to predict things.

The only things that come close to being good portents, are dreams, and boy oh boy those things are never easy to understand.

It is not the age of prophets like Tiresias who would come out of their sanctums and tell people what was going to go down soon enough. 

Today we have vaguer signs and vaguer portents.

It is never easy, but here are five signs that more or less tell us that things are about to change.

1. Past debts being resolved

There is nothing as strong as a bond that holds you down being unshackled. Once you are unchained, the world is your oyster, you just have to do your bit in order to win. Even if things don’t resolve themselves out of their own volition, try better than your best shot to resolve these things.

2. 1 and 9

Are numbers that stand in for beginnings and ends. When you see these two numbers around you over and over again, it is a sign that something profound might just happen; it might be the ending of something or the beginning of something.

3. Certain animals

Like butterflies and snakes symbolise change. These are moulting animals who shed their skin or they change into something totally different from themselves altogether. If you keep seeing them, it might be a strong sign that some kind of transformation might happen soon.

4. Portentous dreams

Dreams that make you wake up in the middle of the night or the ones that leave you with more questions than answers, are always special. They make you think and try to find answers to them. The universe has limited means to signal to you and dreams are certainly one of them.

5. Feeling the sexy vibes

Forgive our French, but sex has always been a transcendental portent. Many pagan religions worshipped the act itself too. Every time something big is about to go down, libido reaches a peak.

If you are experiencing all of these signs and are feeling the vibes of something about to happen, it might just come about. Pray and hope that it is good.


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