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Numerology & Twin Flames – 1221 And Walking The Line Between Dependence & Independence

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by Conscious Reminder

When you run into synchronicity with twin flame numbers, it falls on you to find its meaning, the one you were presented with.

Fortunately, there is a numerological toolbox with tools which will help you do that. The 1221 number of twin flames become synchronous at an important time in your relationship with your twin flame.

It will always offer you guidance in order to help you overcome certain obstacles which might block your progress.

Do you experience synchronicity with the number 1221? Are you interested in its meaning for both of you, you and also your partner?

Here is a numerological analysis of the 1221 number of twin flames:

The meaning of 1221 as a number of twin flames.

If you want to decipher this number’s meaning, the primary thing you have to do is reduce it to one single digit. When you do that, you should find the number’s core that you decipher in the form of one digit number of numerology.

It requires some mathematics, but it is a really simple thing. You should add all the digits together unless you reach one digit only, or also the master numbers such as 11, or 22, or even 44.

Here is how to reduce 1221: 1221, 1 + 2 + 2 + 1 = 6. From this, you can see that this number’s essence is number 6. This actually means that the number 6’s meaning is going to dominate the last definition of 1221 as a sequence.

There are even augmenting numbers that alter the essence’s meaning. For the 1221 twin flame number, the number 1 and the number 2 are augmenting numbers.

When you finally have the essence, together with the augmenting numbers, you have to look at the numerological meanings of these numbers:

6 – Idealism, responsibility, domesticity, and cooperation;

1 – Independence, individuality, self-reliance, and leadership;

2 – Companionship, diplomacy, friendship, and romance.

After this, you should move on analysis. This will require some thought. In order to do it, you have to practice meditation on the augmenting numbers and the core essence for some time, in order to be helpful for you in feeling the intent standing behind the synchronicity of the number.

In fact, this number’s meaning differs, and that depends on the type of twin flames, or the specific problems they face, and also the situation in which they are. However, here is an example which will be somewhere from which you can start your personal contemplation.

The 1221 twin flame number: Be careful of the co-dependency between you.

In fact, the relationship between twin flames is intense, fast-moving and exciting. Unluckily, this may sometimes cause co-dependency in the relationship between you and your twin.

Although it may be useful to have the ability actually to depend on one another at some specific time, it isn’t good at all to do so most of your time together.  One beautiful thing about the relationship between twin flames is that they are, in fact, twin souls that don’t lead identical lives.

You will start accumulating every difference between you that is going to permit you to improve one another. This is the critical component in every twin flame relationship. Losing yourself completely within your relationship with your twin flame could be tempting.

However, in order to experience the best of that relationship, you have to remember not to depend on one another.

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