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Taurus Season Starts Today: It’s Time To Take Things Slowly And Pamper Yourself

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

While the Aries season has been tough for all of us, there is no reason to cry about it anymore. Good news ahead – the sun is moving into Taurus.

Some earthly signs would be particularly chilled being in Taurus, like Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn.

However, other signs, as stubborn as Aries, might find themselves in a loop, like Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. But don’t worry for Taurus would be in Venus, thereby leading you to experience one of the best seasons of the year.

So, you can treat yourself to everything that gives you pleasure. Now, this might affect your relationships a bit, as Taurus encourages you to follow your goals single-mindedly. But it would also be prudent for you to take a step back at certain moments and think about where your life is taking you.

Let’s see how Taurus is going to affect every sign: 


You want to use this month to satisfy your financial needs. You might think that this is simply going to exhaust you but remember: if you actually work hard for that extra dough, you are going to be the one extremely pleased with yourself at the end of the month.


It is all you. The sun shines brightly, slowly, at its own pace, and you have the time of your life to do whatever gives you peace. You are in so much luck, that every win you capture will be noticed by people around you.


This is when you need to exercise being patient. The slow movement of the sun might tickle your impatience, but don’t let affect you. The next month is all you, so this might be a blind spot for you. Hold on to it. Don’t do anything that is going to put you in trouble later.


Just like Taurus, ‘you’re feeling it’. But that doesn’t mean that you should take on every burden on yourself. Let your friends support you too.


Leo needs to finish all the projects put before them, as they know all focus is on them. But remember, all your mistakes would be glaring in the dim light. Albeit, your wins would be equally celebrated too.


Best time for you to go somewhere, and see for yourself what this season has to offer. You will be extremely optimistic and energized, which is going to help you here.


It is all about commitment to you. Are you ready to commit to something? Are you sure it is worth it? For, your relationships, intimate, close, friendly, familial, all of them would come under scrutiny.


Get ready to spend a lot of time with your special person. For, this season is going to help you develop it even further. Also, see to it that you don’t lose sight of who you are. This will help you grow.


Who are you? You might think of yourself as the carefree spirit who doesn’t care about anyone at any point in time. Someone who plays by their own rules. But this isn’t the time for that. You need to depend on Taurus, make lists, set alarms, simply so that you don’t forget where you are needed, and at what time.


You are all about chilling. And this period is conducive to that. Make new friends, lovers, and live your life to the fullest this month.


We understand that you are taking it very lightly. But remember that it doesn’t harm your own family life. Being connected socially, and involved in different activities is fine, as long as it doesn’t hurt people who are close to you. Remember that.


You are sensitive and easily overwhelmed, which is why this month is going to be perfect for you. Don’t stress yourself – go with the flow. Make new connections, and see to it that you are having fun.

Well, how about it? You can actually see yourself at bliss at the end of this season, don’t you?

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