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Stop Pleasing People And Find Your Self Experiencing These 5 Wonderful Things! 

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

There are many people around us who are always trying to please others.

Such people go to great lengths to make their friends and family members happy. They even do many kind and generous acts to make others feel special.

However, pleasing others often results in self-abandonment. This has an adverse effect on their own lives.

When they start realizing this negative impact they try to bring a change in themselves but such changes take a long time and large efforts. Nonetheless, amazing things happen once we stop pleasing others.

1: Lose Friends 

People-pleasers value their friendships and are always there for their friends but they rarely find them during the time of their need. This leads to the draining of their energy. In order to prevent this, they must assert boundaries and not be available at all times. Such boundaries might also result in losing those friends but will certainly bring peace of mind.

2: Experience Happiness 

Saying “no” to others often means saying “yes” to one’s self. It is very important to prioritize ourselves over others since this will bring us happiness. Giving too much of ourselves results in exhaustion.

3: More Me-Time 

People-pleasers usually have a busy schedule because they have to cater to other people’s needs. They have no time for themselves and lose the work-life balance. Once you stop pleasing others, you can spend more quality time with yourself and focus on your own life.

4: More Confidence 

People-pleasers always apologize to others for no fault of their own and are unable to express themselves with confidence. Once they stop pleasing others, they realize their own worth and find more confidence in their own abilities. When they start spending their time with themselves, they can solve their personal issues and sort their deep-seated problems.

5: More Satisfaction 

Being there for others constantly affects the mental health of people, especially when their efforts are not reciprocated. This leads to resentment that brings discontent in their life. However, prioritizing themselves will bring more satisfaction and bring harmony to their relationships and life.

Last Thoughts 

Several amazing changes take place once we stop pleasing other people and focus solely on own life. Our emotions can be expressed more freely and bring positive transformations and growth as a person.

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