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Pluto Is Going Retrograde April 24th: Holding Tightly Onto People And Things Won’t Work Anymore

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by Conscious Reminder

The Pluto retrograde in April would occur on the 24th, at 25° Capricorn and would end on October 3rd at 20° Capricorn.

This Pluto retrograde would primarily be Saturn conjunct Pluto, which would mean working hard and important business for us.

Natal Pluto Retrograde

Having a Natal Pluto Retrograde on your birth chart is still more common than having a retrograde with one of the inner planets. Although the effects and influences are still present and noticeable, they aren’t that devastating, or life-changing. But you still need to adapt yourself to those influences.

Pluto retrograde would make it tough for you to let go of things that bother you. This retrograde would also slow you down, thereby bringing your deepest desires outside. You might also have trouble displaying your strength and influence to the outer world.

You would be constantly plagued by thoughts of your past life, be it the victim of assault, betrayal or isolation, or the perpetrator of it. You may be constantly imbued with thoughts of being sent to an institution or might have an irrational fear of death, poverty, or persecution.

Needless to say, all this does have an effect on you. Makes you increasingly secretive which would make the society raise their eyebrows. You may also gain psychic abilities due to internalizing the pain that you felt, or the conditioning your past life experiences put you through.

Pluto retrograde will help you bring all these memories to the forefront, and out onto the surface. And the process will persist until you have safely relieved yourself of all those experiences and brought them out.

Transiting Pluto Retrograde

This is the time when you take on people who have treated you badly or manipulated you and push them out of your life. This cycle lasts 5 months each year while doing a round of the Sun.

As mentioned before, it always does lesser damage than the other inner planets. If you were the one controlling people, you need to let go. It is no time for power trips and other displays of influence, but a period of elimination and cutting off toxicity from your life.

See, to put it simply, you either need to get on board by your own volition or be pushed by fate. If you were too controlling in your relationship, things will lead you to relinquish. If you were into substance abuse, the withdrawal will be set. Remember, the more you delve into the quicksand, the harsher that detoxification would be.

Trust your spiritual guides, and let go of things that will kill you from the inside.

Saturn Conjunct Pluto

As Saturn will conjunct Pluto, it would mean that you have little time left to complete a whole host of jobs. You will require to work hard, and put your head in the game to come out on top.

But, don’t take any hasty decisions. If you have decided to let something go, let it go. Don’t stop it. And if you have decided to change something, be sure that you can live with that.

Constellation Aquila the Eagle

It will provide a boost to your imagination and develop a strong character. Along with that, it will make you intuitive and clairvoyant too.

Constellation Lyra the Harp

It will trigger your muse, developing your poetic and artistic side.

Constellation Pavo the Peacock

It will combine long life, along with a boastful nature to show off.

Pluto will go direct on 3rd October.

Don’t lie, cheat, manipulate or gaslight anyone during this period, for that would prevent your own development. Take things slowly, and surely, and you would see them falling into place.

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