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Use This Ritual To Harness The Focused Energies Of The Virgo New Moon

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by Conscious Reminder

The New Moon in Virgo would bring with itself immense opportunities and possibilities, irrespective of where we stand in life.

In case you have stuff planned out for the upcoming months, this New Moon would be the best time to start those ideas and projects.

Although true for most New Moons, this is especially important for the New Moon in Virgo, for its energy is completely conducive to what we have planned.

With August about to end, it is time that we make full use of this New Moon and have it work to get what we want. The best way to do that would be to try this ritual.


1. Smudging tool

2. Sheet cut in half

3. One single sheet of paper

4. One candle

5. Crayons, or pens

6. Bowl with water


1. Recite this while cleansing your aura with the help of your smudging tool-

‘I am in love with myself every single day. I realize that I am wrapped up in positive energy and will never have to suffer through anything as long as I cleanse myself. I feel light, open, and akin to flying in the sky. Thank you.’

While smudging the surrounding around you, recite this-

‘The space around me is protected and cleansed of anything impure. This space is free from any negativity and is a conduit of positive thoughts. Thank you.’

2. Keep the requirements before you and light a candle. Then, simply get into a relaxed posture and start breathing deeply and heavily. Inhale and exhale as loud as you can for 20 times, after which get back to your usual breathing.

3. The following 3 breaths have to be accompanied by a declaration. Mean them, say it out, and feel them reverberate around you.

First breath

‘I inhale in light that is divine and exhale what is dark.’ As you say it, take a long breath in while imagining light seeping in inside you.

Second breath

‘I am in sync with the highest alignment there is while letting go of all tensions in my body.’ As you say it, inhale deeply, imagine being in sync with the highest alignment while simultaneously getting rid of all anxieties.

Third breath

‘I am in love with myself while releasing every insecurity out into the open.’ Inhale deeply feeling the love inside yourself while exhaling all the insecurities out.

4. Next, pick up the cut sheet of paper and write anything that you need help with. It could be anything that you might want to get help with or something that is pricking you. It can either be anything very tangible and specific, or something very generic. Fold it up after you are done.

5. Take up another piece of paper and start writing anything that you feel would be useful to your dreams. Anything, for it need not be specifically big, or small, or grandiose. It has to be anything that means something to you.

6. Pick up the first bit of paper. Hold it on the candle flame while reciting-

‘O angels in heaven, please give me the strength and the guidance to achieve what I wish to. Please help me attain it, as long as it is for my own well-being. Thank you.’  Put it in the bowl, when it gets too warm.

7. Take the next bit of paper, which has your action written on it. While holding it over the candle flame, recite-

‘I have chosen this as my path to walk on. Please give me the required motivation to keep walking on this path without fail.’

Again, when the paper will get too hot, place it in the bowl.

8. Take the other sheet of paper. Use the crayons you have and start making designs of the things you want from life, on that sheet. Make elaborate and intricate symbols that you think would help you in your path, and not let you stray.

9. After you are done, keep the creation somewhere close and visible which would help remind you of what’s necessary the next month. This could provide you with some inspiration on how to proceed. When the coming month ends, you can either store it somewhere or simply recycle it.

10. To end the ritual, extinguish the candle, burn the papers, and discard the water.

Have a safe and blessed New Moon ahead.

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