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Mercury Is Transiting Aries: This Is How It Will Affect The Zodiac Signs

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by Conscious Reminder

The planet Mercury finally entered in Aries on the 17th of April. With this sign, we are going to cut cords and ties.

There is nothing that holds us back, as we are focused on what actually works best for us. The planet Mercury is really interesting in Aries, and conversations are pointing towards action.

Here’s how Mercury in Aries is going to affect our houses this time:


The people born under Aries will be more intellectual and vibrant, as Mercury is in their sign. With their insights, they are motivators and champions that every one of us needs. However, they can also be enemies.


During this period, the people born under Taurus may be required to go outside and treat themselves. Also, they will be asked to focus themselves better, and start realizing their plans, in order to get everything they dreamed about.


This will be the perfect time for the people born under this sign to engage a considerable number of individuals with ease. This will happen as Mercury in the sign of Aries will make them the star in their social setting. They will be the leader and solve problems.


The planet Mercury in the sign of Aries is going to bring some good things for the people in this sign, particularly at work, but if they think before they speak. The transit will give them ideas which they need in order to put their plans in action. They should trust what they have in mind, in order to make it become a reality.


The energy of the sign of Aries is going to make the people born under Leo feel enlightened during this transit. Also, it will be an excellent time to take in consideration travel or higher education. It is going to be a beneficial period for them.


The transit will have the people born under Virgo to deal with problems they were avoiding for some time. Everything can be healed by putting some effort, alone or asking others that they trust to help them.


The words of the people born under this sign are going to make them more adoring and lovable during the transit. Speaking from their heart is also going to be common. Their fears will also calm during the transit.


Work is going to be the priority of Scorpios at the time of the transit, or some areas which involve their health. This is going to be an excellent time to begin meditating, in order to guide them through overwhelming situations.


The planet Mercury in the sign of Aries will make Sagittarians feel alive. Their creative energy is going to benefit at the time of the transit, so artists or writers are going to enjoy the effect of it. They should also use their creative energy.


There will probably be many discussions with the members of their family as the planet Mercury in the sign of Aries will push Capricorns to converse more. The whole theme for them during this time is going to relate to improvements in their home.


The planet Mercury, being in the house of communication of Aquarians, will make them think and also travel more. This will be the period for them to have some fun, and be creative, or reconnect with their friends and make lasting memories.


The people born under Pisces were excited when Mercury got out of their Zodiac sign. Such transportation problems are going to stop now, and they will have enough time during the day in order to get everything done. In fact, Mercury in Aries will focus more on success and financial gain.

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