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Why The Need To Fear?

by consciousreminder
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Fear has existed in the world for the beginning of time and still humans cannot eliminate its existence.

Certainly fear can be a positive force in certain situations, but generally it can be a very detrimental energy force. It can steer someone in the opposite direction of opportunity or safety. When viewed in a positive light, it can stop a person from doing something that can harm them emotionally, mentally, spiritually or physically. With unhealthy fear comes anxiety, hesitation, resistance to change and progression. So why is it tolerated? Why does it continue to drive humanity to be destructive and non-productive? Because, it has not been put in its place. Its lifeline, the past, is constantly fueled by imagination, lies bought into and delusion. The more one feeds off of what has happened to them in the past, the more fear grows in strength. And then there are the “ifs.” “What if this happens, or that person reacts in this way or that or…”

The truth of the matter is that fear is not real. It is fabricated and is a self-sabotaging excuse to keep a person down-and-out. But, it is a choice for each person to decide to throw out this self-defeating defense mechanism, which is completely broken, inept and again not real and choose to live life through the power of love. Love casts out all fear. The two cannot co-exist in a single thought or action. It sounds easier than it is, especially when the world is volatile and is the home to all us for however long we live. I personally struggle with fear and every day I have to reject its pathetic attempts to derail me by replacing whatever garbage it tries to drop on my head with positive, self-affirming and courageous thoughts. Also, acknowledging that the past is gone, it’s finished and it is history also gives me leverage against unfounded fear. Therefore, basing today, which is all that DOES exist, on truth, the now, living in the moment and allowing the possibility of greatness, beauty and life to occur is how we can eject fear. The mind, which is nothing but a computer full of data, which is a compilation of truths, fabrications, fairy tales, nightmares among other things, unfortunately malfunctions. As it malfunctions, other parts of ones being also malfunction. When the mind sends out a false alarm, which it does countless times throughout the day, emotional and physical responses occur if we don’t throw out is messaging. Emotionally one may feel anxious, scared, worried, confused, terrorized and isolated. Physically one may feel sick to their stomach, acquire a headache, throw up, experience panic attacks or have a complete meltdown. All because the mind decided to send out a fear alert when the present situation didn’t call for it.

It goes back to living with the Spirit leading the Mind as the Body follows. The Spirit never loses it cool. It is not influenced by the mind or the body. It is taking orders from God and when it is given top billing instead of being ignored, it can eliminate ALL things and thoughts that are causing fear to erupt in irrelevant circumstances. So, how can the Spirit lead the way without the mind jumping and giving its two cents worth or even a bucket worth? By tuning in within and not allowing the world and life and other people to externally regulate your life. Being a hermit is not the answer for most of us. But you can “live” in a way where regardless of the storm; you can remain in the eye and be still and at peace while the winds, rain and thunder attempt to drown you. It starts with accepting that a Higher Power is in charge of the whole thing. That’s right. Every situation, every person, every challenge, a Power greater than anyone of us can fathom, is working behind the scenes and some cases just comes out of the shadows and steps in and takes charge…if we let Him. Our humanness though loves to be in control. In fact, some of us are so used to waking up with fear that we have just accepted it as part of the package. Again, we buy into the daily lies that are dished out and instead of telling our minds to get the heck out of our way, we cash in our chips and live from a place of falsehood and dismay.

It is hard to believe that with all that is happening in the world, that one can find peace within rather than in a whiskey bottle, a pill, toxic relationships or broken dreams. The Spirit within knows the deal. Give it a chance to speak, get quiet and listen. Meditate, pray, read positive literature, study spiritual writings and just let go of the control. Can’t you tell that the control is not for any of us to have no matter what title, financial status, gender, personal and professional clout has or how “popular” we are. In the end, what comes around goes around and how someone attempts to enforce their so-called power on others, the Universe keeps score and eventually what comes around goes around. The world will never stop turning, people will never stop making mistakes and change will continue to be the only constant. But, that is the joke. If we really see how ridiculous the things we “think” (oops there goes the Mind again) are important, they simply are not. While life in general runs around with its head cut off and offers us the hatchet we can laugh knowing that we are internally regulated and in the big picture man has turned Mother Earth into a spectacle and each other into punching bags for selfish gain. In end, what anyone reaps, they will sow. Being at peace with not having to always react, always get involved, always be overwhelmed, always overbook our calendars, always saying yes to everything can stop the madness and we will look forward to our reaping.

So many Spiritual leaders spoke and speak about being still and quiet and turning within to find the true answers to questions that leave one in a state of fear. Look past the fear and surprisingly there is no substance, no legitimate reason for its existence. Choose to not believe in fear and choose the existence of just love. Love is stronger than any political leader, CEO, manager, parents, spouse, creditor, disease and financial hardship. Regardless of the outcomes, fear doesn’t belong in ones life. Love is the key master that opens the door to positive possibility. Just ask for the key from your Spirit and watch the doors open. Don’t peer inside, just jump in. It’s called taking a risk on your own behalf. Throw all the fear-based tapes that are piled up in the archives in your head and start creating new tapes for your mind to run, even it is a phrase or a single works. For example, “all things are possible and all things are created in love. There is no room for fear in my realm of being because I’m in the business of living in a state of peace, joy, health and prosperity!”

In Love & Faith,

Athena Kapantas

About the Author

I am the President of the SELF, INC. Life Program (http://www.selfinclifeprogram.com). I decided to become a writer of articles so I can perhaps offer up any insight that I have gained and continue to gain, as a student of life, on how to manage our personal worlds in so we can manage them effectively and gain spiritual enlightenment. Lastly, I want to be part of a community of people that are committed to personal enlightenment, that wants to be enlightened and wants to help other people be enlightened, or just want to find the darn light, turn it on in our community and in the lives of others.

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