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Are You Maybe An Alpha Empath? These Are The Signs To Look For

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Nowadays, topics about empaths are the most common ones. Regardless of the different traits we have, which indicate that we are an empath, we cannot qualify as such.

According to statistics, only 15 to 20% of the population in the world belongs to this category, and there are also various types of empaths.

In order to be qualified as empaths, we have not just need to have the ability to understand or even empathize with other people or understand how he or she feels, but we also have to be receptive to the emotions which we take on ourselves.

Unluckily, when we are so profoundly intuitive that we simply take on the anger, anguish, mania, happiness, and so on, of others, it may become quite overwhelming.

Because of compassion fatigue, depression, and simply an overwhelming or constant reception of emotions, most of us become recluse or introverts.

However, there are others that could belong to the group of extroverts, and they have the ability to continually be in social contact with others, without detrimental effect or complications in their mental wellbeing.

They are different empaths than others because they are just like warriors.

Although this seems contradictory, there may actually be someone who is sensitive to some paranormal heights although maintains his or her strong demeanor.

Usually, these individuals are actually the doctors we instantly sense that want to offer us help, instead of writing some bill, and even doing nothing.

In fact, they aren’t just healers, but they spread love to different creatures, and at the same time, they maintain their status, which is the status of natural leaders.

Although they may sometimes refuse to lead, they will understand that they were chosen.

Below, we are going to check out the traits which will show us if we are chosen too:

1. You can’t stop daydreaming

Obviously, empaths have the ability to sense others so profoundly, and in that way, they become wrapped in the need to help or cure other people. In fact, this may go profoundly that they will literally have some dreams which will seem quite real and they cannot understand how those dreams weren’t real.

2. Visions and Insights become regular

We can see something, such as a way in which we can meet a specific end or an opportunity where others cannot see.

3. You need constant encouragement 

We thrive on every good feeling that others get from us, and when we receive encouragement, we can feel that encouragement quite strong.

4. You are not very big on self-care

We take emotions and energies from others that we usually forget about ourselves. We have to remember to always take the needed time in order to unwind, or care for ourselves too.

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