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Is Your Partner Giving You Butterflies? The Beauty Of ‘Clicking’ With Another

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

When we meet someone new, there is nothing more exciting and special than finding out that we share intense chemistry. 

Here, the word chemistry actually refers to the unquantifiable “click” which some people simply possess from the beginning.

These are the seven signs which will indicate that we are experiencing intense mutual chemistry:

The conversation will come naturally

When our conversation with someone becomes quite a chore, we will know that there is no chemistry between us. However, this does not happen when there is intense mutual chemistry.

We feel like we can talk with this person all night and day, and so on – if sleep did not get on our way. We will always have something to tell to one another, as we can talk on every topic without limits.

We are continually a bag of nerves until he or she arrives

Every time we are going to meet him or her up, or we know that we will see him or her, we start feeling the butterflies in our stomach, and we cannot keep the smile off our face.

When he or she arrives, and we have said our hellos, the whole nervousness will evaporate, and we will feel completely at home when we are around that person.

Magnetic pull

Right from the instant we met, we felt the magnetic pull between each other. In fact, this is something more than just a metaphor. We find ourselves moving towards each other almost automatically so that we usually end up being quite closer to them than we would be with someone else.

Silence is also fine

Our intense chemistry is also going to permit us to communicate without talking. Lulls and silences in conversation which is going to feel pressured or awkward with others will feel relaxing and peaceful with these people.

We could begin a completely new discussion with them, or we could simply not, and it doesn’t even matter as long as we are together.

Our eyes are all over one another

Although we can sometimes fake body language and facial expressions in order to hide the true feelings, we should know that our eyes will tell the truth, as they are the soul’s window.

Our eyes will be all over one another, and we usually share short eye contact and little glances – even if we feel quite vulnerable when we are doing so. That is actually a feeling we do not mind with one another.

We can push the buttons of one another

We know precisely how we can push the buttons of one another – but in good ways, of course.  For us, it is easy to actually work out everything that makes them angry, as we know how we can get on their nerves.

However, doing that will not annoy him or her the most, and we will not be annoyed when he or she does it back.

When we press the buttons of one another, we show the world that we know one another really good and instinctively. In fact, it is this instinctive knowledge which makes the intense mutual chemistry really special.

Our bodies are speaking an identical language

In fact, physical chemistry is the one which includes the sexual chemistry; however, it is definitely a lot more than only that.

From our most loved ways of holding hands, to the ways we love to sit, or our walking speed, and even the amount of the physical contact we like, we share the identical physical preference without the need of stating them.

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