India Opens Its First-Ever Hospital For Abused Elephants & Makes The World A Better Place For Living


India, the South Asian country, is famous for its love and fondness for wildlife and nature.

According to the philosophy of Hinduism, the main religion in the country, animals have to be treated with love and kindness, and most of the animals are represented as deities as well.

Hence, with the opening of the first elephant hospital in the country last year, surges of happiness and joy were sent all over the world. More important, several months after it was opened, the facility successfully treated around 26 elephants.

This hospital is in Uttar Pradesh, and it has been established by one animal welfare team known as Wildlife SOS. The organization is a non-profit one, and it involves tasks of saving wild animals all over the country. The group was active since 1995. It does not just help pachyderms; it also helps bears, turtles, leopards, and other kinds of species which are endangered.

The problems related to elephants in the country come as a result of the popularity of these animals among tourists. As of the Western representation of the country as an exotic and magical land, elephants gained exceptional values.

Because of this stereotype, many people believe that the Indians are riding elephants; hence, they would like to experience the same when they visit India. In this way, the mammal is abused as it is usually used in circuses, riding camps, temples, or other different places and reasons by India’s tourism industry.

The abuse of elephants is rampant there, and neglecting causes increase the complications of various diseases around the population of elephants. Hence, this hospital appeared just when it was most needed.

When the saved elephants are brought into this medical center, a veterinarian evaluates them completely. As many of the elephants suffer from neglect and malnutrition, they have also developed some debilitating physical problems. Therefore, the center is mostly focused on the treating of injured and old elephants.

The veterinarians have modern equipment which is needed for analyzing the physical conditions of these animals properly. For instance, they possess digital radiology, ultrasound, pathology lab, hydrotherapy, laser therapy, and a special medical hoist in order to lift the large animals properly, and then put all of them in places for treatments. When general check-ups are needed, the medical center has huge-sized digital weight scales, together with other needed laboratory capabilities.

Moreover, the Wildlife SOS Elephant Hospital has a transportable X-Ray machine. They even have special tools for foot-care. As most of the diseases elephants have to be observed overnight, the center has infrared cameras, giving the ability to veterinarians to monitor the patients the entire night.

One of the patients in the medical center is Holly. She was one of the street-riding elephants, and her owner was not taking proper care of her. Holly is a blind elephant. When she arrived at the center for the first time, her body has been covered with numerous untreated abscesses. Moreover, malnutrition was the reason for arthritis in Holly’s hind legs. She definitely needed some medical support really fast; however, the owner believed that it was really unnecessary.

Photo by Wildlife SOS

Now, Holly is treated well right where she is. A team of veterinarians tries to treat Holly and her arthritis that hurts a lot, utilizing cold laser therapy and therapeutic ultrasonography. Moreover, they also treat the abscesses daily and try to keep Holly healthy as they give her the needed amount of nutritious foods.

After the veterinarians treat the mammals, they are transported to the two sanctuaries for elephants of Wildlife SOS in India, which are The Elephant Conservation and Care Centre in Mathura, and The Elephant Rescue Centre in Yamunanagar. There, the elephants can spend their whole lives, under the needed and proper protection, and in peace.

We have to be aware of the fact that abused and endangered animals cry for our help. That’s why Wildlife SOS does its best in order to prevent the abuse. We have to do everything that is in our hands and prevent or decrease animal abuse. Animals are people’s friends and neighbors. We have to treat the animals with respect and love, just like we treat other people.

This article was originally published on I Believe In Mother Nature and is reposted here with permission. 

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