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Gemini Season May 21st – June 21st: The Cosmic Energies Are Intensifying

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by Conscious Reminder

The Taurus season is coming to an end and now we are entering the next season, Gemini. Prepare to be more flexible and adaptive to change during the period of 22nd May to 20th June.

If the earth sign, Taurus, has slowed you down, then the Gemini season comes as a gift. Now, in this airy sign, we can truly adopt new ways to finally move forward and get to our goals.

Be prepared and be open to the newness that the Gemini season brings. While you can be from any zodiac sign, Gemini season will affect us all. It will be best if you can tap into this wonderful energy.

What Does The 2019 Gemini Season Bring?

Gemini Season is all about fun and change. It is especially a rewarding change for those who had become inactive due to the slow energy of Taurus season. Due to the airiness of this sign, you should try to change your routine and do so quite often.

Gemini can get bored with a constant routine without change. So the key things for this season are: skill acquisition, fun, variety, change, learning, communication and develop of mind. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?


Gemini is very intelligent and its real power lies in its wonderful communication abilities. You can communicate with others and you can turn it in your favor.

You can also transform yourself into a naughty little flirt too. Refreshing conversations are on the way. However, don’t rely on Gemini too much – they are not stable signs and will constantly be on the move.

Their Mode is ‘mutability’ and their changing nature reflects that. Gemini and its friends, Pisces, Sagittarius and Virgo share this feature – they are unreliable and very fickle. They are infamous for that and criticized for it too, but it’s their nature and we should accept this.

Planet Ruling Gemini

Mercury or the ‘Messenger of Gods’ is the ruler of Gemini. Since Mercury controls communication, it’s no wonder Gemini is so wonderful in conversation. Mercury is also related to writing and teaching, so time to start your pending creative work.

How To Make The Most During This Gemini Season?

These are some of the ways in which you can make the most of the Gemini Season:

1. Try To Develop A New Skill

Gemini loves to learn something new. Since they love change, this is a positive change for them – getting hold of a new skill that will help them proceed in life. So, go for a workshop and learn something new. Go for a creative writing workshop or learn how to fix a car properly. Any new skill aligned with your future plans will help you immensely.

2. Communication Skills

Gemini has a way with words. Now, being communicative is great but that doesn’t mean every Gemini can hold a conversation well. Even if you are possessed by a quick wit, many fail to use it at the right time. This is the moment when you really begin to sharpen your communication skill. Observe the world around you and the communication taking place – start to find out more about body language and communication cues.

3. Get Your Notebooks Out

Since Mercury loves to engage your writing, Gemini season is about writing. Most of us, if not all, have a poet within us. We are all live stories. So, get your notebooks out and start scribbling your story on it. ‘Tis the season.

4. Accept Change

Gemini gets really bored if you are going for a routine. For Gemini – routine is not how you should live. Change it up a bit, mix it up – take life as it comes. If you have a clear plan to do something in a certain way, every day, then, it’s time to throw such plans out of the window.

5. Read A Lot

With the current internet culture, reading classics, at least, have dwindled. But you should be the change. If you are writing, then reading is essential to hone your writing skills. Go for a classic like Middlemarch, and if you are really up for the challenge, go for a Chaucer. You can also go for translated works like a Camus or a Dostoevsky. Read anything – you can even go for self-help books.

6. New Friends

So, you are going to be a good conversationalist during this period. Well, how are you going to use your conversation skills without any friends? So, go out there and start making some new friends. Show off your conversation skills. Also, it will bring you that change which Gemini so desires.

7. Flexibility

Change will be constant during this season and if you really tap into the Gemini season energy, you will face it again and again. So, start by being a bit more flexible. You will be learning new skills, making new friends, and becoming a whole new person. Don’t resist – let the change come to you and embrace it.

Gemini Season this year will be amazing. It is all about change and making new connections. You will also expand your mind in new horizons. Be open-minded and become a new person.

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