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Crystals To Help You Achieve Your Goals

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The Hexagonal System of Minerals


Have you had difficulty finding your purpose? Do you struggle to find meaning in what you are doing with your life? Is it easy for you to procrastinate? Do you wish there was a pill to take for motivation? If you need an infusion of ambition, a hexagonal crystal will work for you.

This crystal system utilizes the efficiency of the hexagon in its molecular structure. These stones know how to get the job done and provide the fuel to reach the goal. Bees know the efficiency of the hexagon because their hives use this geometry to provide a spacious as well as a sweet home.

Correlated to the fire element of the tetrahedron, the hexagonal crystal system fires you up with enthusiasm to reach for the stars, to make your dreams a reality. These crystals promote honesty, improve focus, and facilitate the stamina needed for success. And they raise your energy levels physically, etherically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually so that you can navigate your way to success and celebrate your arrival. Welcome these hexagonal helpers to assist you in fulfilling yourself.

There are two reasons that you can feel the pull of a hexagonal mineral in your life. If you are drawn to aquamarine and emerald you appreciate the strength and focus these hexagonal minerals provide. You feel comfortable in their presence because they support the energy you require to move forward. On the other hand, you may be drawn to apatite and mimetite because they are going to smooth out the perfectionistic tendencies of your hexagonal personality.

You need their assistance to enjoy the journey to attaining the goal as much as reaching the goal itself. Because these mineral systems outline specific ways of processing electromagnetic energies, they help us to define the specific groups of behaviors, thought patterns, types of beliefs, and connection to memories which coalesce into certain personality styles. Let’s look at how a hexagonal personality approaches and experiences life.

The Hexagonal Personality

Those with type A personalities fit the hexagonal profile. They tend to be overachievers with perfectionistic tendencies. They need to have a goal to reach and are committed to the purposes they have chosen. These goals, which become their reason for living, are as necessary in their experience of life, as food is to their bodies.

They are devoted to their missions and purposes to the degree that they will sacrifice themselves to achieve their desired intent. Mother Theresa was a tireless advocate for the impoverished and abandoned. She founded the Missionaries of Charity to carry on and expand her work with the poor. Beyond the confines of religious life, The Mother Teresa of Calcutta Center takes her message out to the world. As Mother Theresa illustrates, hexagonal personalities do not easily give up.

They often run for public office to serve the causes of humanity. They are also known in the financial community as the entrepreneurs who open new economic pathways. In the process they may alienate those who could help them by taking on the burden of the process as their own. Hexagonal individuals can easily work themselves into crisis states and physical collapse.

The Hexagonal System of Minerals Includes: Although these individuals are very intelligent and productive they need to learn to relax and enjoy their successes each step along the way. Instead of overwhelming others with their powerful presence and efficacy, they can engage others to collaborate on successful ventures.

When they can embrace the heart of their missions, they can welcome the intimacy that is born when people join together to reach a common goal. Utilizing the element of fire from the tetrahedron, hexagonal personalities need to learn when to simmer and when to boil, for what purpose, and how long.

Aquamarine, Emerald, Apatite, Mimetite, Molybdenite, Vanadinite, Covellite, Pyromorphite, Morganite, Beryl, Phenakite

These are powerful stones that move you into action. When you need a burst of energy wear aquamarine, emerald or morganite on your body or place them in your pockets. You can even make a gem elixir with distilled water with these three stones to build physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual stamina. After removing the stones from the distilled water, you can drink a few tablespoons a day or place the elixir in a spray bottle and spritz your office with the elixir.

To learn how to relax, let go and collaborate, apatite and mimetite are good mineral companions to have in your environment. Place them where you can see them to remind yourself to relax into the process and open up to assistance. All of these stones will serve to keep you happily productive. These are just a few suggestions on how to utilize some of these hexagonal minerals. As you further research each stone for your life, new applications will appear.

Ray One – Faith In Action – The color is Blue.


Recognizing that hexagonal individuals achieve their goals, they are the innovators of change and the entrepreneurs of the world. They make the news we all hear about and experience because they embody the will to do. The energies of Divine Will run through those with hexagonal personalities. It is often challenging to align with your Soul’s purpose if your ego is busy defending you in the world. Here, Ascended Master El Morya, who once embodied King Arthur in Camelot, is at your service on this Ray to help you live your truth and fulfill your inner calling. He will assist you to collaboratively create your own Camelot, a lifestyle of peace, abundance, and grace.

The first Ray infuses you with the strength and focus that comes with willpower. Archangel Michael, the great warrior of Light, brings his power to serve and protect to those who call upon the first Ray. His feminine complement Archangel Faith infuses those who call upon her with the faith to see commitments through to completion. The Elohim Hercules and Amazonia also lends you their strength and compassion as you develop a fifth dimensional lifestyle in the establishment of an enlightened civilization of peace.

Ask them to provide you with all kinds of strength, including mental, emotional, spiritual as well as physical stamina. Those unconditionally loving beings from the star system Andromeda also offer you their stalwart nature to stay true to your destiny. As the ray of leadership and governance, all those serving on the first Ray support you in following the leadership of your Soul and the completions of your missions in your life and in your world. Call upon them. They will energize you.

Ray Twelve – Anchoring In An Enlightened Civilization of Peace – The colors are Gold and Aqua.

Those with hexagonal personalities have the visionary will to build an enlightened civilization of peace. They are supported by the twelfth ray to anchor in the unconditional loving of our fifth dimensional Earth into the lives of evolving human beings.  Fifth dimensional leadership is by example, and through the emerging lifestyles of these visionaries, the culture of humanity is shifting from fear and isolation to that of a loving, considerate, and engaging global community.

Lady Master Pallas Athena serves on this ray bringing her intellectual prowess and emotional versatility to those who call upon her. She supports the development of multi-dimensional leadership where all the kingdoms of nature are taken into consideration before decisions are made. Her wisdom is vast and her understanding of justice is impeccable.

The time of human control and manipulation is ending. Our Earth has already ascended into her fifth dimensional nature and all those serving on this ray are assisting humanity to humbly take our proper place among life on Earth. For this reason, this ray serves as a bridge between the third to the fifth dimension, the new experience of peace on Earth.

The Archangels Virtuel and Vestrea, are at your service as you begin to envision and then embody your fifth dimensional lifestyle. They support the renovation of your inner world as you shift your focus from self-absorption to loving service. Fifth dimensional foundations are supportive and flexible, not rock hard and immovable. Call upon Virtuel and Vestria to help you embrace techniques for multi-dimensional construction that fluidly support your soul-embodiment.

The colors of the fifth dimensional heart of our planet are aqua and gold. Mother Earth expresses her unconditional loving through the aqua frequencies and Father Earth expresses his nurturing protection through the golden frequencies. Together they wrap you in their unconditional loving appreciation for your presence and service on the Earth.

You can breathe these twelfth ray colors into your higher heart at your sternum and welcome these energies to flow through your bloodstream. Mother and Father Earth will align you with their unconditional loving and empowered service so that you too can radiate the harmony and joy of life in the fifth dimension.

Lastly, this ray is connected to the golden Melchizedek Ray which radiates through Lord Melchizedek, the God of our Universe. Lord Melchizedek is linking humanity with their universal citizenship through this ray and allowing us access to our golden monadic heart through our emerging fifth dimensional aqua heart.

Through our golden monadic heart we can connect with our eighth dimensional ability to creatively love. And specifically, this golden monadic heart radiates the codes necessary for upgrading the auric field of human men so that they can engage in loving as the Creator does, to create Heaven on Earth.

Call in the presence of Lord Melchizedek when you are struggling to manifest your dreams or collaboratively create movements for evolutionary change. He will bolster your masculine energy, whether you are a woman or man, and help you embrace a creative way to be successful in your journey into fifth dimensional living.

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