Sensitive Introverts, You Can Protect Your Sacred Energy And This Is How To Do It

by Conscious Reminder

Throughout our lives, some of us are going to realize that we are extremely sensitive individuals.

Even with some slight upsets, such as terrifying movie or news story, we are going to run to our secret hiding place, and cry unless the moment finally passes.

As we will grow older, we are going to find numerous ways of overcoming this, even as introverts. Although our primary instinct would be running and hiding from everything that triggers us, this isn’t something effective for sure.

We also have to remember that lifestyle and planning are the fundamental things which will help us avoid becoming an extremely sensitive and overwhelmed person.

Here are the nine ways in which those of us that are sensitive introverts may protect our sacred energy:

Take our time in order to unwind.

Everything that winds us down, such as meditation or relaxation, we should take our time in order to unwind or protect our energy. As sensitive individuals, it can be easier for us to become a bit overcome with the energy presented to us. We should take the needed time in order to release those energies.

Avoid some bright lights.

Highly-sensitive individuals get overwhelmed by bright lights, meaning that avoiding such lights will be the best option for them.  When we feel like we are going to be in a place with extreme brightness, we should take some measures in order to protect ourselves and our eyes or even avoid those lights at any cost.

Stay away from crowds, or simply learn how we can navigate them.

When we know that we are going to a place where there will be a lot of people, we should think about how we can prevent becoming overwhelmed. We can actually do that if we find a less crowded area, and also wear protection for our body, ears, and so on.

Get ready for the visits with family and friends.

When family and also friends visit us, we will feel overwhelmed for sure, so that we have to set boundaries or even recognize what about such visits overwhelms us so that we can protect ourselves. When we start feeling overwhelmed, we should not let that happen. Rather than that, we should walk away, or simply prevent it.

Keep a journal.

Sometimes, our own thoughts may be quite overwhelming, so a journal would be the customizable medium which is going to permit us to plan, track, and vent our progress. Those of us that are introverts would definitely love it, as it is excellent.

Manage confrontation.

In fact, when a person starts being confrontational, we should let him or her know that we don’t want to argue. We should talk peacefully, or simply walk away. Also, if we know that the person we are talking with is confrontational, we should avoid him or her if we can; however, when we can’t, we should try working around his or her need for conflicts.

Keep our space organized.

Chaos and clutter can sometimes set off even those people who are least sensitive, so we should take our time to clear out and organize the clutter that surrounds us. We should make some space for specific things, and also remember to plan, plan, and plan.

Know our triggers.

We have to think about what sets us off the most and make our list, in order to avoid such things at any cost in the future.

Give ourselves time to have negative emotions.

There are times when negativity will be our means for moving through some negative aspects in our lives.

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