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Don’t Get Lost After Finding Your Way

by consciousreminder
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by Samantha Hayden
Contributing Author, Conscious Reminder

We as a collective are consciously and some unconsciously going through an awakening. It feels like you’re alone in every way you’re feeling even if everyone around you appears to be having something similar going on too.

We are also unique and quite entitled to own our pain, what may seem simple to you may be traumatic to someone else and vice versa.

We are fighting off false beliefs we were brought up believing and it is embedded in the depth of our knowledge, now to find out it’s all been programmed into us.

It’s like we have a windows PC running a Mac system, they just don’t run the same format and never will, and you find yourself shutting down so to speak.

Relearn your life, go deep into your memory files and throw out what doesn’t serve you, and update your self on everything you are hearing and trust that you will discern and resonate with new things every day.

This is a process that you cannot rush, and hold space for people coming up behind you, let them learn for themselves, give them your perception and accept theirs, there is nothing wrong with looking at things through another’s eyes.

You’ll be surprised that the words compassion and empathy take on a whole new meaning. It’s about humanity as a whole, united and grateful for each and everyone here having an experience.

If you’re stuck in a situation you just can’t stop repeating, the key to unlocking that loop is all in your reaction to what’s been and gone.

If you are reacting in fear, anger, sadness or an unforgiving way, you still need to dig through that until you can feel yourself not having a negative reaction anymore.

Start looking at the situation as the experience that it is, know you didn’t come here to relive it over and over.

At the end of the day, we are all humans trying to do the best we can. To the best of our ability.

Ask your guides for their help, remember they won’t intervene until they are asked, and while you’re walking your path in your truth, be that guide for someone else and help them find their way when you see them struggle, whoever they are, family, friends.

Neighbors or strangers. We are in this together, you never know what they actually might have for you.

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