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Your June 2018 Crystalscope Reveals The Most Powerful Crystal For Your Zodiac Sign

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by Olivia Pepper

This coming month starts out cool before slowly simmering to a boil. It might have you feeling like a frog in a pot, unsure of how to get yourself out of hot water.

But, with the right support, you can make the leap.

Find out which crystal can help you realize how capable you really are – with your monthly Crystalscope!

JUNE 1-15

Within the first few days of the month, we plunge headlong into some dreamy trines, as Venus in Cancer trines Jupiter in Scorpio, and Neptune in Pisces the very next day. These trines are bursting at the seams with idealized love and transcendent visions.

Soon after, the sun in Gemini conjunct Mercury will have communications in overdrive. But beware: our intentions can be misunderstood when Venus opposite Pluto makes an appearance that very same day. For some of us, there is a dark allure to Pluto’s creepy attentions toward the goddess of love. We should be careful to avoid any familiar toxic relationship patterns.

In other words: put the phone down, don’t text that creep!

But you can plan on being more forthright and spontaneous with Mercury entering Cancer on June 12, enabling us to speak passionately from the heart once again. This happens just a day before the super new moon in Gemini on June 13, so be prepared for some high drama – especially when Venus abruptly squares Uranus on June 14, bringing about some shock-and-awe in terms of social relationships or material-world plans. Also, consider the world stage with this square, and how we might be working out our international policy and economic systems.

By June 15, Mercury is opposite Saturn and all the bad feelings from the past few days of strife bubble over.

JUNE 15-30

Neptune goes retrograde on June 18, working in collaboration with Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto to reveal all of our failures and weak spots.

On the summer solstice, June 21, the sun enters Cancer and it is time to cry it out and release, escape from the simmering cookpot of slow-boil rage and just be out on our own – naked, scalded, and seeking shelter, but safe. The same day, Venus is opposite Mars, bringing additional tension to interpersonal relationships and summoning up the scars of love to be healed by the balm of time.

Mercury faces off against Pluto, bringing hostility and wounding into communications. Those scars should be healed privately, carefully, and without an invitation to conflict – especially since Mars is going retrograde in Aquarius starting June 26, giving us an opportunity to go over our own ways of being with a fine-toothed comb.

The full Capricorn moon on June 28 reminds us to do our best, be determined, loyal, and focused. Make a commitment to rising above your lower self, a promise to do better with your words and deeds, and to do your best to alleviate suffering in this hard and gorgeous world of ours. Mercury also enters Leo on that day, giving us the strength to go forward with these radiant goals of unconditional love.


Aries, you are renowned for your for a brilliant, fiery intensity, which can amass a little too much heat from the swelling summer’s confusing stars and become pure aggravation – especially when it comes to family and social conflicts.

The remedy here is larimar, a gorgeous mottled blue and white stone which effortlessly blends the elements of fire and water. Cools tempers, promotes introspection, balances, and comforts.

Aries natives may benefit from wearing a larimar bead or ring to make the compassionate and cooling energy part of your first impression or peacekeeping mission.


Taurus, you have a bright light focused on your career. Uranus entering Taurus is one of the astrological shake-ups of the century, and many Taureans may be rearranging aspects of your careers or professional trajectories.

But, you prefer a slow-and-steady approach, and all this change can feel overwhelming, even when it is for the best.

Soothing green jade, especially as a worry stone or carried comfortingly in the pocket, can help clear away the obstacles before Taurus’ ox-cart.


If anyone is in danger of running their mouth and spilling a secret they didn’t mean to or saying something they’d like to take back, it is you, Gemini.  Unfortunately, this is especially true this month, when there is a risk of misunderstandings in social or business relationships.

You will have to take care to remain enthusiastic, egalitarian and ethical with communications, and azurite can help!

Place a piece azurite on an altar near your door for the month of June, and rest your finger on it each time you pass by. Visualize yourself passing through social contracts with ease, grace, and kindness.


Poor Cancer. You might be feeling a bit turned-around this month, even as the sun returns to your sign. The amount of swirling emotional and psychic chaos is a bit much for empaths of the moonchild variety, and you may start to feel the urge to run and hide.

Black onyx, traditionally associated with protection and invisibility, can shelter you during the wild turbulence of June. Carry it or wear it and touch it whenever you need a reminder of your own sovereignty.


Leo, this might be difficult month emotionally, with a lot of stress due to the grand square between the sun and Mercury pulling Leo (under the sun’s rulership) into the fray.

You might find some difficulty expressing yourself. You might find yourself drawn to pettiness, and be giving off very disgruntled vibes. At the same time, there can be some useful opportunities waiting in the wings.

Lapis Lazuli, the stone of priests in ancient Egypt, is highly recommended for keeping your majestic demeanor even when some lesser elements of the world are nipping at your heels. Wear it, and shine!


Take a chill pill, Virgo! This advice is usually pretty on point, but especially with Mercury squaring the sun, you are likely to have some panicky existential-crisis moments. Some of the planetary shenanigans in June shadow Virgo’s career path and can bring forward a kind of urgency related to being true to oneself.

Virgo, ever in service, you can have a hard time with prioritizing the self, and lepidolite can help.

A micaceous mineral form of lithium, this stone serves up soothing benefits to the nervous system, especially through direct contact with bare skin or in a bath. Try resting with a piece on your chest or dropping one in your bathtub (but don’t be surprised if the water starts to break the stone down, that’s what it is supposed to do after all).


Unusual orange kyanite will match well with your iconoclastic flair, as planetary movements in June offer the opportunity for increased prosperity – as long as the energies can be properly harnessed.

You will likely feel the crackling energetic currents this month more acutely than some of the other signs, but keeping on guard against exhaustion and fatigue will be key, and orange kyanite can help in this pursuit.

Vibrant, lively, and enthusiastic, orange kyanite is just the ticket to maximizing the transits for Libra.


Scorpio has a tendency toward gloom and suspicion, and the confounding social matrices of June threaten to pull Scorpio’s antagonistic side to the front lines.

If you live in a state with legal weed, consider trying this out as a stabilizing option.

Additionally, try carrying or wearing yellow apatite, which boosts joy, trust, and optimism and can keep Scorpio from spending all of June in a scowling pout.


Whoa, Sagittarius! Your experience this month will be truly electric, especially where it comes to new connections and potential bonds. But, this can easily short-circuit your sense of stability.

Red jasper, worn as jewelry or especially kept beneath the bed while you sleep, can help you keep from spinning out and drifting off into oblivion, and can assist in metabolizing all of the mutable power in the air.


Capricorn, you can be heavily practical and will often prioritize your work over an emotional and social connection. But, this month offers the possibility of something totally different, if you can allow yourself a different approach.

You have the opportunity to break out of a rut and try something new, but it is essential that you feel centered and confident in what you have accomplished in order to do so.

Blue sapphire can help with communication of your ideals and hopes, and when worn as earrings or a necklace, the stone can move the pure energy of stabilized selfhood to the forefront, allowing for a calm and centered communication of your needs.


Aquarius, all you need to know this month is that the world is full of love.

It is a potentially trying time for the water-bearers, as your ruling planet is newly ensconced in Taurus and the value system adjustments are in overdrive. You may feel like things are falling apart just a bit, and you already have the tendency to overanalyze.

Emerald works to correct the anxiety and uncertainty and will help remind you that love is always accessible.


Pisces, you are the zodiac’s truest dreamer, always diving deep into the pool of symbolism and intuition and hoping to come up with the truth.

This month, in particular, sends you swimming into untested depths, and truth-telling and truth-seeing can be a challenge.

Carry amazonite! It protects against deception – both your own and that of others, and can help remind you that emotional truth is always a compromise between perspectives.

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