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If You Have These 10 Traits, You Are A Mysterious Loner Wolf

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Sometimes, we do not care if we are alone, or better said, we prefer spending time alone, instead of spending times in other people’s company.

Usually, others will mistake us for being awkward, anti-social, or weird as well. But, can we describe ourselves with these words?

If we can, we are probably lone wolves. Although most of the people in our lives can find our presence quite strange, we are anything else but strange; however, it will not be something bad if we are strange. Those people that prefer spending time alone are usually more creative or probably more intelligent too.

Here are the ten signs indicating that we have the strange, but still beautiful lone wolf personality:

Finding our date at the bar sounds quite atrocious to us.

In these modern times, a lot of people started finding their dates or joined the world of the singles online, which is something that does not bother us at all. While our more social acquaintances and friends venture out to some local bars, we would prefer to find our date online.

When our friends cancel the plans, we get excited.

In fact, most of the people are going to be mad when their friends cancel on them; however, we delight in our time alone. We prefer to be alone, instead of spending some time together with a group of people.

Small talk really annoys us.

Usually, small talks represent commonplace among social settings. While we know that it is something typical, we do not especially care for that at all.

While many people prefer big nights out, our idea of spending good time relates to nights in.

Oftentimes, we will find ourselves making points about spending time alone at our home. Doing so makes us lone wolves. While many people will go to the newest bar or club in town, watch a movie outside, or also spend time in group settings, we will spend time at our home, watching our favorite show, create art, or read a book.

We attempt finding ways in order to do every single thing remotely.

We prefer paying our bills on our computer, and we also prefer grocery delivery. We do not really mind if we do. If we can find some ways of doing things remotely, we are going to do them.

We are more self-aware then expected.

Achieving self-awareness will be extremely difficult, but personalities like lone wolf are quite conscious of everything that goes on within. In fact, from their emotional phases to their well-being, the ones that are conscious of themselves usually will know when some change takes place inside of their bodies.

We make plans, although we tend to break them right at the last minute.

In fact, it is not that we do not like others, or that we don’t like going out, it is simply that spending some time alone permits us to relax so that when we are in our own element, we aren’t just happier, we are more productive.

Group projects can make us really nervous.

Spending time alone and doing individual projects will be our place of flourishing. But, when school or work requires us to participate in group activities or on teams, we become quite nervous, and we start worrying how we are ever going to have the ability to participate in that project.

We don’t care if we eat out by ourselves.

Many people feel terrible at this idea, while some may even look us strangely while we sit down and eat alone at some place on Sunday afternoon; however, we don’t really care. We like eating alone instead of eating with many people.

Our favorite discussion points are quite weird to others.

Our favorite interests, talking points, and hobbies are entirely strange to others. We can try as we can to actually care about how weird we are to other people; we simply cannot muster the mind’s strength.

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