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Casting A Simple While Spell Using Wishing Stones

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by Conscious Reminder

Magic is all around us, in the essence of things and in the sights and sounds of the universe. It is much like the Force from Star Wars movie: a mysterious flowing energy that can be harnessed by certain rites and rituals.

What one must be careful about however is the fact that magic like everything else in the world, can be dark and light.

While positive magic can bring joy and happiness, every dark spell is a double-edged dagger; it does not bring sadness, sorrow, misery and harm to the target, but also takes a piece of soul away from the practitioner. There is a backlash everytime.

A magic spell requires two things: one, immense will power and two, something that enhances the force of the spell; a sort of turbo-booster if that helps.

This turbo booster is the wishing stone.

Now what is a wishing stone?

Well, it’s not something that you can buy at a shop. If someone tries to sell you something like that, they are definitely duping you.

A wishing stone is a simple pebble that your mind finds for you, quite literally. Close your eyes and meditate on what you really want. Really concentrate on the intricate details of the wish, feel it with every breath you take. The wish itself will guide you to your wishing stone: it will tell you where to go and which stone to pick up and carry back home.

It can be any pebble from anywhere.

Now let your intuition tap into Magic and be guided with regards to the rites you want to carry out to activate your stone. It can be an anointing, it can be inscribing it with a symbol of your choice or it can also be worship. This part of the entire process is entirely arbitrary and subjective and would exclusively depend on what your gut asks you to do. There are no hard and fast rules.

As a matter of fact, the more natural the process is, the better for your spell.

Meditate with the stone in your hands. Visualise the energy it is embodying. Visualise the depths of your mind being filled by this energy; this is the energy of your desire, the energy that is going to end up fulfilling your wish if your wishing was sincere and your magic pure and positive.

The stone that embodies your energy will tell you what to do with it. Most commonly, it will tell you where to keep it. It however has to be someplace open and not places like a closet, a drawer or a cupboard. It has to see light.

Repeat this for all the stones you carried back home. Try to visualise the intricacies of the wish intensely and mediate on it hard. Success comes to those who wish hard and those who are patient.

If you must, collect more stones and repeat the process.

After you have gotten what you wished for, return the stones to where you picked them up from and thank Nature and Magic for the assistance.

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