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Even If She Loves You, She Will Leave You If You Give Her These 8 Reasons

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by Conscious Reminder

In order to keep relationships going, love will not always be enough. We can love a person with all our heart, but when that person drags us down, we can either drown with him or her or escape.

Ending things is never easy; however, sometimes it will be the best possible option. To leave someone we care about may be really painful, but it may also serve as the strong wakeup call, especially for those of us that are left.

When we are about to figure out if it is the time to go away or not, it is very important to be aware of our boundaries and limits.

Here are the eight reasons why women might decide to leave men even when they still love them:

He isn’t putting the efforts that she believes she needs.

A woman will not ask her man to do something that will change this world, but it would be nice when he puts a small effort. When he shows her that he will not do anything, either for their relationship or for her, she will come to the point when she will be fed up. When she feels that she is the only person that puts effort into their relationship, she will not be with him.

She is not happy.

Regardless of the type of relationship they have, when the woman isn’t happy, she is not supposed to be with him. She is supposed to do everything that feels best, and when that actually means leaving him, it is a decision which is going to happen whether he wants it or not. Although this can be difficult to overcome, it is really something that occurs frequently.

He is not listening to her.

A woman needs a man to support her and be there in any possible way, including lending an ear from time to time. She desires to spend time with a person that she can talk about her problems. However, when her partner is not listening to her, she is going to feel like he does not care for her at all.

He does not make her feel accepted and appreciated.

Every person wants to feel accepted and appreciated in relationships. When she feels that her man does not care enough about her and value her, the woman will not stick around. He has to remember that she isn’t a toy. She also has her needs. He should not criticize or beat her down, expecting that she will stick by his side through everything.

He tries too hard in order to fix every single thing for her.

When a man tries to do everything he can, he probably thinks that he is doing an excellent job in a relationship, but the reality sometimes would be that she does not want him to fix everything. When she comes home and complains about her problems, it does not mean that he is supposed to solve those problems. She only wants him to listen to hear.

He isn’t looking at her in the same way anymore.

A woman loves feeling wanted, and when her man isn’t providing that, she is going to become unhappy. However, he might not really want to have an intimate connection with her anymore, or he might even refuse to actually giver her real compliments. In her mind, this will send off some red flags for sure.

He is emotionally unavailable.

A woman can’t spend time with a man that is emotionally unavailable. When he is not able to express his feelings and let his woman in, she is supposed to do everything that will be beneficial for her. In some serious relationships, emotional availability may be a quite big deal.

He never owns up to his mistakes.

A man has to actually know when he should say he is sorry, and when he doesn’t say that, the problems are going to appear quickly. Although she will care for him, she will also get tired, especially because she always has to apologize or feel down because of his refusing to blame himself and rather than that, blame her.

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