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Uranus Is Turning Retrograde August 15th And Bringing Some Big Changes

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by Conscious Reminder

Uranus is known as the planet of change, awakening, and liberation. It is preparing to travel to the underworld on 15th August 2020. This Retrograde journey will come to an end on 14th January 2021.

Uranus’ Retrograde journey through the underworld will help us reflect on the year gone by and stabilize the shaky bits of it. It will guide us to acknowledge the unfortunate things that take place in our lives.

This can be done either by enabling us to let go of them or by helping us develop a fresh perspective with which we can turn things around.

The planet’s ways can be unusual and can blindside us. If things seem out of whack or if weird signs are coming your way, understand that Uranus is sending you a signal. You need to look closely to understand it.

It is important to keep in mind that Uranus overturns lives for a reason. And most often than not, that reason is our own awakening. With this awakening comes a fresh perspective. Together they help us find the things that are truly ours.

In Retrograde, this planet of awakening makes us more connected to the universe, our guides, and also our past lives. We might get visions or dreams from past lives, or we might be guided towards reinventing lost knowledge of the world that we exist in.

With the backward motion, Uranus offers us the freedom of looking past our physical limitations and gather a new outlook towards life. Uranus offers us the freedom to connect with a higher form of truth that is beyond all the limits, rules, boundaries, and constraints of life.

Uranus Will Be Retrograde In Taurus

As the planet is shifting to Taurus before the Retrograde, we might experience a push-n-pull between accepting the new and leaving behind the old. As Uranus is going to be in this zodiac till 2026, the push and pull theme will be quite common now.

With the 2020 Retrograde in Taurus, our usual feelings of safety, comfort, and security are highlighted. This will be especially true for our desire for material possessions and our equation with food.

This includes thoughts of whether we depend on these external things to create a false sense of comfort. Those of you who have been relying on food and material possessions too much can utilize this Retrograde period to make some solid changes.

The middle of 2020 has seen multiple planets in Retrograde. But as the year will come to a close, the only planet to remain in this motion will be Uranus. This is will help us focus on its lessons and energies better.

The Effect Of The Uranus Retrograde

To understand how the Uranus Retrograde might affect you, think back to 11th January 2020. What has been the growth and development since then on a personal level?

What are the new changes that have taken place in your life that allowed you to grow? What are the unstable parts that need to be stabilized now? Which areas can be relaxed a bit?

Stay open to such introspection and let the universe guide you. 2020 Uranus Retrograde might seem chaotic at first, but you have to stay grounded and reflect. See which things the planet is shaking up.

Maybe you need to let go of those things since they are hurting you. The universe has your back, even through the worst retrogrades.

Try to decipher the codes Uranus is sending your way, and you will feel its healing energy too.

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