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6 Ways To Get Rid Of Negative Energy In Your Home

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by Conscious Reminder

Recognizing negative energy and learning how to get it out of your home is one of the most important skills you can learn.

People have known since ancient times that being exposed to negative energies can have a negative impact on our lives and well-being.

We will all have to deal with some signs of negative energy at some point. Knowing how to clean our houses of it as soon as possible can save us a lot of trouble and even our lives.

Our house is where we unwind, relax, and spend time with our family. With negative energies, our home feels more like a battleground than a peaceful haven.

You can live a happy and healthy life if you learn to smoke out negative energy.

How to recognize signs of negative energy in the home

If we want to get rid of the negative energies that are lingering in our home or apartment, we must first identify the source of these energies.

First, here are some indicators that your home is being occupied by negative energy.

That one room

Pay attention to how you feel in the privacy of your own home. It is critical that every room in your home exudes a calm and welcoming atmosphere.

There may be rooms in the house that have an abnormally uncomfortable feeling for an extended period of time, or there may be a specific room in the house where constant arguments occur.

This toxic energy that surrounds you must be removed immediately. You are responsible for cleaning the entire house, including this room.

Feeling emotional and tearful for no reason

Our homes absorb not only our energies, but also the energies of those who have lived there before us.

If you recently moved into a new home and find yourself suddenly emotional and tearful for no apparent reason, you should take action to clear that house of negative energies.

Feeling confused and exhausted

Negative energy attracts positive energy. This is a fundamental physical law. It is, however, dangerous.

A thorough energy clearing will help you if you’re feeling drained, unmotivated, or confused.

Things go wrong all at once

If you find yourself the victim of a series of misfortunes in a relatively short period of time, this could be an indication that things aren’t going well.

If these events are accompanied by other signs from this checklist, you should act quickly to resolve the issue.

The glass and water technique is one of the simplest ways to determine whether you are dealing with negative energy or a normal event in your life.

This is the technique to use if you want to find out if this is the case. Keep in mind that negative energies in your home can influence how people interact with one another.

This is why it is critical to act if you suspect this is the case.

How to clean the house or apartment from negative energy

The water glass technique

What you will require:

– A clear, strong glass

– Water

What you should do:

– Fill the glass halfway with water, leaving just enough to carry it without spilling

– Place the jar in a dark place, preferably one that cannot be seen

– Do not look at it or touch it for the next 24 hours

– Return the next day and examine the water

– If the water looks the same as it did when you first put it in there, you don’t have negative energy there

– You have a problem in that room if you see bubbles and strange things in the water that weren’t there the day before.

Make an appointment to have your home fumigated as soon as possible.

Move your furniture to influence your well-being

Forget the feng shui “rules” and rearrange your furniture in a way that feels natural to you.

Feng shui is an ancient practice that entails arranging or positioning objects in a specific way to bring harmony and balance into the environment.

Feng shui has rules, but I’ve discovered that each of us has our own energy system, and as a result, we can handle our spaces very differently.

Change things up a little to see if it makes a difference in how you feel emotionally.

Even though there is no rational explanation for the phenomenon, simply turning a couch in a certain direction can make you feel more at ease or secure.

Whatever you are struggling with, whether it is past hurts, negative thought patterns, or stuck emotions, you must address all of these issues in order to maximize your well-being and quality of life.

This is the simplest method for fumigating your home or apartment.

Use houseplants or small bouquets

Keeping houseplants around is a simple yet effective way to keep your home’s energy clean. Any plant in the house will suffice to fumigate the apartment.

Plants are beneficial to the environment, which should come as no surprise. Plants that have a particularly purifying effect on me include lavender, eucalyptus, and white sage.

Place the plant in your living room or place small bouquets in individual rooms in fresh water.

“Shoo” negative energy directly out of the window

To drive away that energy, use your intention. Simply opening the windows and “shooting” the energy away with your hands, a broom, or a large billboard is effective.

In order to send energy outward, use your intention. You can even envision it leaving your home.

Sprinkle sprays or burn incense to reinforce positive feelings

Scents such as sage, rose, lavender, frankincense, and patchouli are said to be excellent for energy cleansing; however, choosing a scent that you enjoy is the most effective for your environment.

Fill a clean spray bottle halfway with water and a few drops of your favorite essential oil.

There is also the option of burning incense, which, due to the smoke, can have a purifying effect.

How to burn sage to get rid of negative energy

Sage is frequently used in rituals to cleanse a home of any negative energy that has accumulated. Since ancient times, sage has been used as a sacred herb, and its use is thought to drive away negative energy and bless every family.

This step-by-step method will teach you a little-known secret to effectively burning sage.

What you will require:

– Sage

– An old stainless steel frying pan lid

– Matches

What you should do:

– Open all curtains, doors, and windows to let in as much light and air as possible

– Place your sage in the pan

– Light it up, then blow on it while asking your higher power for guidance and protection

– Light the ends well and let them catch fire for a moment

– Extinguish the flame with the pan’s lid until it is only smoldering hot and no longer burning

– Take your pan by the handle, lid in one hand, and work your way from the back of your house to the front door.

– You can disperse the smoke with a feather or any other method that seems natural to you.

– Keep the lid closed at all times, as if the sage catches light on its own in certain areas. This is the area where you need to pray the most and chase away the energy.

When Sage catches a flame after being lit, it indicates that you have found a dense energetic focus, because Sage does not catch a flame once lit in general. Continue to fan the smoke in this area while extinguishing the flame with your lid.

– You will know that the unfavorable energy has left when the sage no longer catches fire.

– Remember to fan the top ceiling corners and all doorways as you work your way through the house toward the front door.

– While you’re at it, tell the energy to leave your house and never return. This is why it is best to leave the doors and windows open.

The negative energy requires some time to dissipate. This procedure should begin in the back of the house and progress to the front.

How to give positive energy to your new home

Moving houses is akin to turning a page in your life’s book and starting over with a blank slate.

However, it is important to recognize that moving houses can be a mentally, physically, and emotionally draining experience. This bothers us.

Why would you bring this ill-will into your new home? Not to mention the possibility that your new home has residual negative energy.

If you want to rid the house you’re moving into of all potentially harmful vibrations and fill it with good energy instead, start with these cleansing rituals.

Buy a new broom

If you bring your old broom to your new home, it means you are bringing any bad luck from your previous residence with you.

By purchasing a new broom, you are symbolically sweeping away toxic vibrations and ushering in a new beginning. Don’t forget to bring some bread, salt, and honey.

They are also symbolic of wealth, happiness, and the sweetness of life.

Say a blessing of intention

Try out this simple blessing to boost the energy in your new home:

“Cleanse this space, remove the past. I am so thankful that I have found my happy home. Bring happiness and love into this space, and shower us with your blessings from above.”

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