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Experiencing Ascension? Here Are 3 Important Things To Avoid

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A lot of articles have been written all over the internet about How to achieve spiritual awakening. But Very little is available about what to avoid.

There have been numerous examples of people experiencing spiritual awakening just by following the strategies of staying away from the things which are counterproductive for the cause of awakening.

So let’s get straight to them.

So, our focus will be to avoid things that are going to:

♦Charge Your Energy
♦Stimulate your kundalini
♦Alter your energy or psychic state

These rules may not be applied to those who can use oils or crystals without being too ungrounded. But for most of the people these 3 rules will apply. You can test whether you can do these once you have made yourself more grounded.

So, these are the 3 things that you’ll be avoiding for now.

1. Energy healing:

The give and take of energy opens you up emotionally and energetically. Refrain from doing energy healing or intuitive healing. We want slow and steady development, but if you engage in energy healing, you’ll be experiencing emotional triggering.

2. Spiritual practices:

Spiritual practices also charge or energies. Many spiritual practices promote kundalini to rise in the spine. Even though these practices feel calming, but they are very energy stimulating. So keep a check on activities like mediumship, meditation, yoga and intuitive training.

Your trainer might push you for them as he himself has never been through it. So, be careful and take responsibility of your own self.

3. Things that alter your psychic or energetic state:

Stay Away from incense, crystals and essential oils if you’re not sure of yourself. These are very beautiful in themselves but some of these can be ungrounding. These possess strong vibration and thus can also leave you in a weird video that will be very difficult to clear.

The idea here is not to discourage people from trying these amazing things, but to make you aware about trying these only in grounded state.

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