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Gemini New Moon Horoscope: Prepare Yourself For Dramatic Changes

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by Conscious Reminder

The new moon on June 3rd will be an intense one. It will happen in Gemini and will bring our goals in our sight and push us forward to achieve them.

Gemini new moon is all about putting your foot down, clenching your teeth and doing the hard work. It will make you look at the hard facts and forget the idealism you might be breeding.

Plus, June brings the influence of Pluto and Neptune as well. So, are you ready to make your relationship solid? Here is how the June New Moon will affect you:


You might be meeting similar minded people during this period and that means, love might be lingering in the air. Your intuitions are setting a path for you. You might doubt it but don’t – just go with it. You might find a way to make the most out of it.


If you are already in a committed relation, then, you might be igniting the passion in your bedroom. Also, you’ll enjoy spending more time with your partner. At this moment, your routine is making you bored, but you don’t know how to add a little spice. Well, just go out on an adventure- make things happen. There are life lessons you can pick up along the way.


The previous weeks may have been a bit frustrating, but this time, you have the opportunity to show your talent. Your intelligence matters but sometimes, you need a bit of praise too. That’s what the new moon brings. This is also your birthday season, so be connected with your passion. Remember one thing though – your comfort zone will not help you grow. While you might feel things are getting out of hand, trust yourself and take risks. Make things happen for you.


Slow and steady wins the race. Take things slow, even if you like someone. Don’t put too much pressure on other people. Think before taking decisions. At this moment, you are feeling lost and would love to have a guide. The new moon will help clear up your mind and bring drastic changes in your life. Allow it to happen.


You will be meeting a lot of new people this time, so let them be a part of you. Be humorous and fun. This time, your loving side will get a huge boost. But that’s not regarding romance only – it can be with a friend or peer. You are mostly stoic but now, softer emotions will get hold of you and leave you bewildered. After all, it is trying to put your life in a new direction.


It’s time to get out of the shell and show off your talent. Let your boss and colleague learn what you have got inside. You will never how it will turn out.

Plus, June will make you look inside and think about yourself more. Engage in a spiritual journey. Find balance – erase whatever holds you back. Don’t blame yourself for the past.


While life will always test you, the new moon brings you the strength to pass these tests with flying colors. You are passionate and people around you know it. June will fire up the passion with the right inspiration.

You have many questions – the answers are floating in the air. It’s time to allow your intuition to take a step and bring out the best in you. It will be hard work but you’ll flourish in the end.


Single Scorpios might end up coupling with someone who will change their life completely. If you are already committed, then it’s time to work on those communication skills.

June is bringing many possibilities. Allow yourself to be purged from the past and bring changes in the present. There will be dead ends in your life, but don’t allow it to hold you back. Try to find another way around it.


The new moon brings you the opportunity to strengthen your character. You are generally known to be easy-going, but there is a part of you which is quite serious. Try to mix it up.

Negative thoughts might hold your self-confidence back. It’s time to bring some changes in your life. Be positive. Nostalgia is not always a good thing, especially if it’s holding you back. Time to accept the new.


Dramatic changes are coming in your life – changes of duties and changes in responsibilities. Are you ready for it? Start by reviewing your world and check whether things are well-suited or not.

You might have a bit of people-pleasing personality. Don’t be a pleaser – self-care is important. Be kind, but don’t forget you need yourself. Being mindful of others does not mean forgetting yourself.


Home is where you will be at. Work has consumed your life but now, you can take a break and reconnect with your loved ones. June can be quite creative too.

Focus on the important things in life. Bring about an emotional change. Be open to change. Maybe someone is looking to sweep right through your open mind to make a place in your heart.


It’s difficult to make decisions but it’s important too. So, write down the pros and cons and settle on something. Sacrifices will be there. Be prepared. This month, you will see the big picture and, on that basis, you can make changes in your decisions.

It’s time to see if you can fit different pieces of puzzles in the right place and make things work. A bit of your fantasy along with a dose of reality will help. Apply yourself – make something out of this month.

June is all about changes. You will grow but you have to make sacrifices. There will be difficult choices to be made. Are you prepared to do so?

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