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New Moon In Gemini On June 3rd: Hidden Clues Will Show You The Right Direction

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by Conscious Reminder

On 3rd June, the New Moon will be occurring on 12-degree Gemini Decan 2. In astrology, it will be featuring a Huber aspect pattern which is also known as ‘streamer’.

It will be happening in the constellation called Orion the Hunter. Plus, the moon will be making a semi-sextile with Mars.


The New Moon will be taking place in Orion, a provocative constellation. People will be living on the edge. The Orion constellation is filled with phallic power. It is only rivalled by Taurus and Aries when it comes to virility.

He is expansive like Jupiter. However, Bull and Ram are mostly about biology and reproduction, Orion is about courting someone for sex. It’s about chasing and teasing. A lot of flirtations will be going on during this period.

Plus, Gemini is a curious soul. Gemini dares to go out of its comfort zone and try to make narrow escapes just to make their live more thrilling.

They are intellectuals too and love to engage in some mental exercises from time to time. But don’t trust with the truth – for them, truth is really subjective and changeable.

Personally, the new moon will bring conflict between taking care of family affairs and your personal passion. Your passion will be fired up with the need to get pleasure. The problem is, you can’t get everything you want in life.

This might even end up making you trying to be too controlling in your family affairs while disguising it as love. The new Moon is bringing that adrenaline that you need both in work and family matters.

Fixed Star Aspects

The New Moon will have a lot of energy poured down on it by Tabit – the fixed star. It is a warrior who does shy away from showing off the trophies he collects. Orion will make you active towards following your calling, any way possible.

Orion is very sexual in nature – he is always about conquering by the sword. Hence, his sword lies under his belt – suggestive of his phallic prowess. Egyptians considered him as Osiris.

By mixing chariots and the phallic symbol, Orion might make your profligate – showing off expensive stuff like a sports car as an extension to your phallic urge.


There is no major aspect that this New Moon is interacting with except forming a Streamer in Huber astrology. This will be important when the next Full Moon arrives. The streamer will feature a nodal in conjunct with Pluto.

Neptune will be making a trine at the north node, while entering in a square with Jupiter. Remember, Jupiter is currently in retrograde. Religion will be the main focus of these two planets.

Neptune is fantastical and goes down the route of mysticism towards spirituality. Jupiter is more organized. Jupiter tends to be too extreme or over-zealous white Neptune has a cult-like tendency.

On the other hand, Venus will be making a trine with Pluto as well. Thus. The streamer will be like a traffic controlling policeman – it will direct many trends regarding art and fashion.

Do not be surprised if you notice changing trends in your taste. However, it is all about manipulation – might be because you want a reaction from your friends. This will affect loners more who are looking for a bit of love.

The moon will not be inspecting anything this time, and such a state is called Peregrine. It means ‘wanderer’. The moon is like the common public – it doesn’t know much about the streamer that is going behind it back. Just like the machinations of our government is hidden from us.

Find the right direction during the streamer. Let the New Moon not make you too sex-crazed and manipulative at the same time.

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