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If You Have These Traits, You Are Probably Carrying Andromedan Energy

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by Conscious Reminder

Andromedans are considered quite intelligent individuals, as it is any other human that is actually not 3D.

Most of them have spiritual nature, but the appearances they have been off the radar, and no one had the ability to define them as they are camouflaging in different species which they come across.

Incarnated, these people are also a little over dominating, self-assertive, strong, confident, as well as the focus of attention in crowds. They really love to be noticed, and also the center of the focus of everyone.

Although they are quite smart, they can sometimes make terrible decisions in this physical life. Also, they love to feel each of their senses and also pleasure those senses.

These individuals enjoy different foods, love sex, or they can also try recreational drugs in order to stimulate those senses. However, not too often, there are those that love to stimulate their senses in a natural way.

Such types of souls are actually the beings that love trying different things, and after that, they love to tell others around them about that. They are quite sensitive; however, they don’t tend to show that often, except if their feelings come out accidentally.

The males are the ones that seem to be in better touch with the male and female, duality aspects, almost comprehending what women want.

On the other hand, females possess dominating energies, making them the focus of their relationship, as they are also self-assertive. A well-known and popular fact is that Andromedans are beautiful individuals.

They have soft features, beautiful eyes, as well as shiny hair. They love trying new and different things however they usually stick to those that seem best for them.

Just like other beings, these also have negative sides, and they are that they may often be possessive, jealous or also cheat on the partner, as of the lack of attention. When they don’t get enough attention from their partner, they are going to find it in someone else.

These individuals also like exciting things, and they cannot stand any negative drama. However, they love good excitement.
Not all of them, but most of the

Andromedans are natural healers, as well as very well organized, and this applies to their home, physical appearance, clothes, etc. They are real healers with such organization skills, but they do all the talking with their hands.

The energy emissions coming from their touch can make them excellent doctors, nurses, reiki masters, massage and physical therapists. They adore risks, thrills, as well as everything funny in their life.

Some of them can act childish, although they have mature ways of thinking. Simply, it is about everything there that is highly technical, so they like to let loose, as well as experience life. These individuals are also advanced in technology and in front of everyone in different things.

The souls coming from Andromeda need to continue traveling and moving. They have very confident energy, but they are not proud. These people enjoy great achievements they made and also appreciate all the wisdom which they learned which helped them to achieve different things.

Also, they are considered as the most positive, and peaceful types of souls in Starseed Soul Types, and their agenda within the council is great, in order to ensure peace is everywhere around them, celestially as well.

Andromedan Starseeds:

• Peacekeepers;
• Fun;
• Love a good risk or thrill;
• Like to travel and explore;
• Enjoy sexuality;
• Have a good head on their shoulders;
• Are laid back and chill in their personality;
• Have a great charm and confidence;
• Tend to be popular and well liked;
• Like technology;
• Enjoy commitment, but like to explore love;
• Have great wisdom but balance that with having fun;
• Responsible;
• Natural Healers in Reiki;
• Want to try new things;
• Like to create with their hands;
• Have a laid-back style of their own;
• A leader in a group of friends, not followers;
• Light up the room and are mainly the center of attention;
• Great fashion sense;
• Like dancing and music.

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