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Gemini New Moon Forecast: Transcending Narrow-mindedness

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by Conscious Reminder

A lot of you might know that we are about to greet the Gemini New Moon on June 3rd.

The air sign of Gemini compels us to let the force of the wind guide our minds and set us free from any shackles that bind us.

Hence, it is possible that this week you will be greeted with some anxiety, some confusion, and thoughts which will cloud your judgment.

But fear not, meditating in the lap of nature is going to help you steer clear of these problems. You can even gaze at candles, look at the sunset, or have a seat inside the sauna.

Gemini represents freedom and creativity, so let your creative abilities take hold and break free of any inhibitions that hold you back.

Gemini New Moon

Dominant Energy: Wise Magi/the Trickster – Hermes

Lesson: Shatter the Chains of Limited Thought and Honor Nature

The Moon and The Sun share the same space and sign during New Moon. When this occurrence takes place in Gemini, you will be tested based on the lessons of Hermes.

This man below is Druidic Merlin. He was a wise man who was also strong in his ethical practices. This lent him a high ranking position in the sacred order.

He is one of those that embody the positivity of Hermes and also work in conjunction with the High Priestess of ancient Briton.

The mastery of thoughts is significantly important in the aspect of empowering ourselves with the energy of Hermes. The limitations that we project onto ourselves or anything really is the worst things to tell oneself.

It is when we disempower Hermes inside us that we snatch away the chance of greatness from ourselves.

The New Moon will bring out aspects of your personality that you do not see very often. So it might serve good use to look within yourself and take some time to reflect on your true values.

Just try to create a bond with your rational self and your innate self. This will enable you to do so much more with everything that you have.

This Is The Opportunity To Experience Life From A Different Angle and Color

Multiplicity is what the sign of Gemini represents. This is what will enable us to honor, integrate, and acknowledge scattered parts into a coherent whole.

This multi-dimensionality will help get rid of that one-track mind and the tunnel vision that plenty of us experience.

Rationality and clarity of thought will also be a useful asset which helps us guide our own selves. The aspects of ourselves which we prefer to overlook can be rectified at this time so as to bring our senses into harmony.

Any negative emotions you hurl at your own self will definitely lead you to implode and harm your own potential. Essentially meaning that talking yourself down is as good as shooting yourself in the foot.

Hence, knowing what your archetypal facets are in your psyche is important. Understanding your multi-dimensional soul is a beautiful journey to another realm which is supremely important. It is when you understand these smaller aspects of your universal mind that you unlock the secret to a more fulfilling life.

The conscious integration of your archetype which rules your chakras will enable you to transcend your inner critic. Shatter the shackles of your limited mind and unlock your true potential.

Neck Pains Have Cosmic Significance

It’s when your heart and head don’t agree on something that neck pain takes hold of you. So if avoiding those is what you want, then remember this.

The Gemini Transit is going to be a time that you will be able to experience plenty of things. A closed-off mind is going to disable you from truly experiencing what life is offering you at this time.

Just trust your instincts and know that the Universe is presenting you with the best things in life.

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