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How To Identify 5 Types Of Toxic Mothers

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Moms are our biggest supporters since the day we are born. But that doesn’t, in any way, mean that they are perfect. They have their faults as well that could potentially be dangerous for their wards, or for themselves.

In most cases, you wouldn’t really associate much importance to the fault of one person, but since they are mothers, their impact on their children puts their mistakes under a glaring spotlight.

Here are 5 toxic varieties of mothers that you would do well to know about.

1. The Pseudo Cool Mom

These are the moms who have problems setting boundaries. They so want to be enmeshed into the hip and cool culture that they forget discipline.

While their children enjoy it to a good extent, it could have some lasting impacts on their lives and make normal life troublesome. They have been routinely parodied in movies and usually can be envious of their child’s success.

2. The Ignorant Mom

This mom is never involved in her child’s life. She would rather be talking to her friends or buying lipsticks off Amazon. She has absolutely no time for a crying child and would employ the services of a babysitter more often than not.

Her lack of involvement in her child’s life can cause irreparable rifts later on in life. And this could possibly destroy any chance of a happy, familial relationship.

3. The Warrior Mom

Not the kind you are thinking of. This mom would rather fight her own child on any given topic just to prove that she is right. In fact, she would just say ‘no’ to anything her child asked just to prove that she is the boss in the house.

She has no qualms about shattering her child’s sense of esteem just so she can belittle them on her supposed profound knowledge.

4. The Overtly Involved Mother

This mom would keep a tab on everything her child does. To a point, that the child loses every bit of independence they could have hoped for.

These moms would track their child’s internet activity, keep a hint on their friends, and employ every possible way to survey their child. And while some of it is necessary, soon it turns fascist.

5. The Immature Mom

These are usually teen moms who had to grow up too fast leading to resentment towards everything. Their children too have to grow up too fast, just to take care of their mother.

Usually the patron cases for drug and substance abuse, the child faces multiple hardships growing up and taking care of their mother.

While you may have had a rough childhood with a toxic mother, make sure you don’t turn into one yourself. Love is the bond holding you and your child the strongest.

Help them grow with all the positivity you can offer. Steer clear of these signs yourself and if you spot them in others, help them overcome their negativity.

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