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5 Signs Of An Evil And Wicked Heart You Really Shouldn’t Ignore!

by consciousreminder

There are evil and bad people everywhere – unfortunately. YES, you can’t avoid them. Everywhere you go, the chances are that you’re going to meet someone who’s evil. But (yes, there’s a BUT), unfortunately, one of the most important reasons why we don’t see the so-called evil, evil-hearted or psycho behavior is probably because it’s really hard to believe that these types of evil individuals actually exist.

Another reason is the fact that we find it really hard to imagine that someone is capable of deceiving or even hurting us – conscience free, and with no specific reason. Yes, you still don’t want to believe that there are people who invent lies and stories just to ruin someone’s reputation; that there is someone who finds pleasure in hurting others and feels no remorse. And, imagine this, the actual reason for all of that is to cause them pain and destruction (emotional, physical, material…).

Why don’t we just face it – these type of people do exist! Yes, and this is the main reason why in this article we’re going to show you the 5 signs of an evil heart. The following five signs will indicate that you may be dealing with an evil-hearted people, and if you recognize some of them, we highly recommend you to keep your distance and spare yourself the pain! Take a look…

  1. They are experts at creating confusion, chaos and conflicts.

This is very important for you to remember – they always twist the facts and mislead; they lie and always avoid taking responsibility. People with evil heart deny the reality and make up stories.

  1. They’re experts at “playing” others with their flattering words. 

The real and ugly truth is that, unfortunately, these people (will) never change and that they never “invest” in growth or development. Their lives are just an illusion and they “feed” on other people’s suffering!

  1. They always want to have control over others.

Unfortunately, their highest authority is their own ego and they want to have full control over others. People with evil heart reject feedback, real accountability and make up their own rules to live by, and don’t really pay attention to the moral norms.

  1. People with evil heart play on the sympathies of good people, and try to mislead them.

This is how it goes – they demand mercy, but they give none themselves. People with evil heart demand warmth, forgiveness, and intimacy from those they have harmed with no empathy for the pain they have caused and no real intention of making amends or working hard to re-gain the lost trust.

  1. They don’t know the meaning of the word ‘remorse’.

People with evil heart don’t know what’s conscience. Yes, and they don’t even struggle to fight against their sins or evil, they actually enjoy in it – all the while masquerading as someone of noble character. Can I ask you something – have you ever met this type of person and what was your experience?

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Lindsay August 18, 2017 - 10:16 pm

Ugh that was my ex husband! Ewww I married an evil guy!!! x.x

Allison August 19, 2017 - 11:02 am

Otherwise known as a narcissist or certainly someone with narcissistic personality disorder…. My ex husband. These people are sick emotionally and getting rid of them is expensive and worse still, painful. To rid yourself of someone like this you have to be heartless… And that’s what they count on, that’s why they picked you, because you’re not that way. But you now have to be to survive.


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