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The 5 Most Basic Meditation Styles That Are Perfect For Any Beginner

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by Conscious Reminder

Although meditation exists for decades and decades, it is still something new and unusual for a lot of people.

In fact, meditation is considered as something which a lot of people choose to include into their everyday life, as it gives them the ability to truly connect with their inner selves, and reduce the clutter inside their heads.

Meditation was also known for reducing stress, levels of blood pressure, increasing focus, reducing anxiety, and promoting inner calmness too. Meditation is definitely the game changer.

However, one important thing we should know about meditation would be that it is actually practice. This means that we will not start today or tomorrow and immediately get all the benefits.

It will slowly teach us to sit quietly with our feelings, even with uncomfortable ones. It will force us to be quiet and to listen carefully to what the still voice inside us offers us. Sometimes, it may be hard to face ourselves, but it will be worth it.

Here are the five ways in which we may implement meditation:

Guided meditation

We can search for guided meditations on YouTube, and we can even download several applications. With the use of guided meditation, we are going to be allowed to take all the unnecessary pressure and anxiety off of ourselves and then let the one that provides the meditation to guide our thoughts and breaths.

We can choose different guided meditation, such as those meant for depression, over-thinking, anxiety and negative thoughts.

Spiritual meditation

The spiritual meditation type will permit us to practice prayer or even connect with our inner self. We can put on relaxing music and talk to God about our struggles.

This may be quite a peaceful and relaxing experience, but it may take us some time in order to get to where we feel comfortable, especially if we are new to this practice. A lot of people feel difficulties in focusing, but that is normal.

Mindfulness meditation

Mindfulness meditation is the one which we can do every day as we are doing ordinary things. As we are human beings, we utilize our senses on a daily basis. Mindfulness meditation is going to give us the ability to do everyday activities and be present when we complete some tasks.

For example, which we wash the dishes, we can pay attention on the soap’s smell or the sounds made while we are washing them. Being mindful may be applied to anything, and we only have to try it.

Body meditation

In order to utilize meditation physically, yoga will be an excellent way. Yoga is about connecting with our body, mind, and soul.

It is going to relieve us from stress, and we will have the ability to reap all the positive benefits related to working out, whereas at the same time we build self-awareness. Also, there are some other practices we may try out such as Tai Chi and Qigong.

Affirmation meditation

The affirmation meditation is focused on picking affirmations and utilizing them to build our confidence and ground us too. For example, there is one affirmation by Oprah, which says: “I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul.”

In fact, this is an affirmation which permits us to be controlled when we feel panicked, or it will also enable us to imagine the type of individual we would be when we really believed in what we are saying.

So, for this meditation type, it would be quite significant to pay more attention to what we do instead of what we don’t. When we generate positive feelings, it may increase our motivation, overall satisfaction, and energy.

Meditation is a practice which permits you to stop for a while and reminds you to breathe.

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